Mentorship Nursing

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The following assignment will be written in first person as it is reflective in nature. Bulman and Schutz (2004) agree that to learn from an experience practitioners should go beyond description and reflect on that experience. The aim of this piece is to reflect on my role as a mentor and demonstrate my awareness of the responsibilities involved, whilst paying particular attention to the required learning outcomes 2-5 of the module. In keeping with the NMC (Nursing and Midwifery Council, 2008) Code of Conduct anonymity will be adhered to and therefore no names of people or places will be mention.

The assignment will allow me to reflect on my own experiences in my new role as a mentor and will follow the journey of a student nurse and her experience. I will look at any possible improvements that could be made within the clinical setting, to better mentorship. It will also show if I have continued my professional development and understood the importance of mentorship and the responsibility involved. Mentoring has been established for a number of years in a variety of fields. Within nursing the term ‘mentor’ denotes “A nurse, midwife or specialist practitioner whom facilitates learning and supervises and assesses students in a practice setting.” (Nursing and Midwifery Council, 2008) The assignment will explore my role as the mentor in the field of nursing, with reflection to my personal experiences as a mentor in my current role as a staff nurse on a very busy medical ward. To meet my learning outcomes I will critically analyse how I was able to identify the students needs and how to utilise the available resources. It is required that I evaluate my role and responsibility as a mentor and show evidence of the strategies and assessments used to ensure safe practices are used. The mentor-mentee relationship will be discussed and the application of teaching and learning processes will be examined. I will also be looking at my responsibilities as the mentor in relation to self, others and the professional agenda and will analyse current assessments procedures in place for student nurses. Morton-Copper and Palmer (2000) agree and state that the role of the mentor is helping student nurses’ develop the necessary skills to become competent and knowledgeable within their field of practice The English National (ENB) Board and Department of Health (DOH) (2001) also concur with this statement and published a framework so the different plethora of titles the mentor is known by is now less confusing as previously. Our initial introduction was when the learner presented on the ward to introduce herself and collect her off duty. Within the placement area we have adapted a team mentorship approach, this enables the student to have a named mentor and an associate mentor. The ward sister introduced me as her mentor and an explanation was given with regard to me carrying out the mentorship module and also requiring assessment, and she expressed that she was happy with this. Reflecting back on my experience as a student nurse I always found meeting my mentor as being very daunting as I would question myself, what will be expected of me? Wallace (2003) discusses the importance of ensuring the students induction is such that an effective relationship is established. Therefore I endeavour to make my learners feel welcomed to the environment and the team. Neary (2000) collaborates this and states that it is of vital importance that the learner feels comfortable and a rapport is established from the onset. Our first shift together was commenced with an introduction to the staff, ward environment and a handover of patients. We had our initial meeting on the first day this provided an opportunity to complete the initial assessment, establish her learning outcomes and devise a learning agreement. Price (2005) states that the education involves a contract with responsibility to both learner and mentor. The action plans and learning contracts are...
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