Memories of a Day at the Field

Topics: Field, Sun, Debut albums Pages: 2 (812 words) Published: January 4, 2012
The sweltering heat of the sun, menacing clouds of dust swept across the field and the sting of diesel fuel filled the air as we worked the ground that mid-june day, despite my bleak description there is no place I would rather be than in this field. One Friday afternoon in June I received a call from my cousin asking me if I wanted to help him plant soybeans this year I promptly accepted his offer. The next morning I hopped out of bed excited I pulled on my boots and headed out the door not knowing what to expect. As I traveled down the gravel road to the farm I could already see the farm implements being brought out of the barn. I got out of the truck and walked up he gave me the keys to his tractor and he hopped in his truck and told me to follow him. we traveled down the lane and into the field he told me to put the disc down and start working the soil this was all so new to me and the tractor was quite intimidating seeing how this was my first time on one. After about an hour I had finished that field, my face had a thick layer of sweat and dust covering it and I reeked of diesel fumes. Even though this may sound terrible to some I had enjoyed myself the light spring breeze was refreshing. After about a week of doing this to multiple fields we were done and all we could do now was wait and hope the beans grew. One by one little by little the small light green sprouts slowly popped out of the ground. After a couple months or so they had become impressing full sized plants that produced large pods of beans. Fall came and the leaves turned brown and fell off the small leaves crunched as we walked through the field inspecting our crops they were ready to be combined. And with that the field was empty and the deer had taken the place of the beans and it was only a matter of time before opening day and they would be mine. Fall finally came and the field became my hunting ground crisp November morning I jumped out of bed eager to get to the field I put on coat...
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