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Team Project
Prof. Brewster
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Group Presentation – ultimate Leader/Manager – description

1. Specific purpose – present the ultimate skills of a chosen manager 2. Central Idea – throughout the semester we have developed on many skills necessary for an executive. After a long process, we understand what is necessary to be a good manger/leader. The key traits necessary to be a good manager will be presented and explained in this memo. 3. Standout skills possessed by Mike Goldman –

a. Mike Goldman is the vice president for business development as a financial institute. He currently oversees 50 employees and reports directly to the president of the firm. b. Personal management – as mike conduct his job, he maintains a personal approach with care and sensitivity to the situation. c. Decision making – every decision taken by Mike involves consulting his employees to achieve the best perception of the outcome of the decision. Employees get the chance and place to express their opinions before a decision is made. Once Mike makes a decision, he will stick to it unless proved wrong by his supervisors or employees. d. Backing and supporting employees – Mike believe in supporting his employees and believe in their decision unless found and proved wrong. Mike knows the necessity in supporting his employees in front of superiors and colleagues when needed. Mike will investigate the event to better understand the situation, once Mike believes he is required to get involved and support his employees he will do so. e. Know the distance – although Mike maintains a personal approach towards his employees, he understands the essential need as a management figure. Mike do practice a hybrid method in which involves personal attention and ability to manage his employees where his authority isn’t offended nor hurt. 4. Conclusion – Mike is a great manager and a role model to his employees who respect him due the following...
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