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Topics: Human resources, Human resource management, Management Pages: 4 (635 words) Published: March 18, 2011
1. The common feature in every organization is-
a. people b. a formal hierarchy
c. offices d. high salaries for top personnel

2. Human Resource departments are-
a. line departments b. authority departments
c. service departments d. functional departments

3.Human resource professionals-
a. should follow a business- like approach b. realize that line managers share their point of view c. insist on the primacy of HR policies d. try to get more authority over line managers

4. which area of the HR function is least affected by internationalization? a. compensation b. training c. succession planning d. equal employment opportunities

5. The basis for human resource planning is -
a. the economic trends b. strategic plans of the firm c. budgets d. supply of employees

6. Techniques of estimating demand for human resources-
a. mere approximations b. are rarely done
c. involve HR audits d. can be very accurate

7. The best way of recruiting is always-
a. walk-ins b. advertisements c. search firms d. variable

8. The primary source of information for recruiting is -
a. Managerial interviews b. Testing
c. job analysis d. interviews with applicants

9. Selection decision are based on
a. personal whims and fancies b. Performance issues
c. turnover potential d. human resource plans

10. Inputs to the selection process includes all but -
a. job analysis b. human resource planning c. supervision d. job applicants

11. The most reliable type of interview is
a. behavioral b. stress
c. structured d. situational

12. Employee orientation...
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