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Case: Understanding global consumer behavior in aesthetic surgery

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1. Can medicine and doctors be included in a discussion of marketing? How? What are the marketing tools? Answer:Medicine and doctors can be included in a discussion of marketing.
By using online, offline marketing or referral marketing:
(a) Online marketing is one of the applications for developing and maintaining a growing customer base. When implementing the online marketing strategy, it is more effective to spend time on building a successful website and a dynamic social media presence. For example, a medical office website might not be just a single page to list their office hours and contact information. It can have informative articles for patients to read and find information on treatment options, new technology, or other things related to health care. In order to get a good first impression, the website should be professional, user-friendly, informative and memorable. (b) Offline marketing is important for medical office marketing plan. Although many patients are using internet to find a new practice, offline marketing is still an effective approach to reaching out to patients. (c) Referrals might come from several places but it is necessary to build, develop and maintain great relationships with patients. Most patients do not seek specialists but are referred by other physicians and hospitals. When doctors develop relationships with patients, it has mutual benefits to each other. The marketing tool is promotion, which is advertising. Various tools are necessary for a successful advertising campaign, depending on a number of factors, such as the demographics of the target market, the marketing plan and the advertising budget. The advertising strategy includes the direct email, newsletters, billboards, contact information and the signage.

2. Who are the...
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