Medicine and Inmate Organization

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Conduct of rehabilitation and treatment programs - The Bureau shall undertake rehabilitation and treatment programs to help an inmate lead a responsible, law abiding and productive life upon release. Rehabilitation and treatment programs – Rehabilitation and treatment programs shall focus on providing services that will encourage and enhance the inmate’s self-respect, self-confidence, personal dignity, and sense of responsibility. Guidelines for rehabilitation and treatment programs:

Corrective and rehabilitation services shall include religious guidance; psychotherapy; socialization; health; and sanitation; vocational training; mental; physical and sports development; and value formation and education. Program activities for offenders with special needs shall be placed under the supervision of a social welfare offer in coordination with other correctional officers with special skills and specialized observed. A regular calendar of activities shall be observed.

The Superintendent shall be periodically informed on the progress or result of the rehabilitation and treatment programs being implemented. There shall be a special wing for neuro-psychiatric in a prison hospital to be laced under the special supervision of a medical officer. INMATE SERVICES

Inmate services – As part of the prison rehabilitation treatment program, the inmate shall be guaranteed to health, educational, religious, and related rehabilitation services. Health services – Health care and services shall be given to inmates similar to those available in the free community and subject to prison regulations. A prison shall have at last one medical doctor and a dentist. Medical consultation and visiting hours – Medical consultation and visiting hours shall be established by the Superintendent in consultation with the medical staff. Basic guidelines on medical consultations – the following guidelines shall be observed whenever an inmate visits a prison hospital/ clinic for consultation and/ or treatment – a. The inmate shall be in proper uniform during consultations. b. He shall be attended to on a “first-come, first-served” basis. c. The number of inmates allowed at the hospital/clinic for consultation/treatment shall depend on the number of available doctors. d. An inmate shall be subjected to body search upon entering and leaving the prison hospital/clinic. e. In emergency cases, only the medical staff and patient shall be allowed inside the emergency room. f. An inmate shall not loiter in the hospital/clinic or leave the same without permission from the medical staff. g. Visitors of inmates shall not be allowed to stay inside the hospital/clinic to attend to the sick inmate without the permission of the prison medical staff. h. Children below twelve (12) years of age shall not be allowed to stay inside a hospital ward or treatment room. i. Patients in the hospital shall not be required to stand for checking. Pregnant CIW inmates – In the ICW, there shall be special accommodations for pregnant women. Whenever practicable, however, arrangements shall be made for children to be born in a hospital outside the prison. Pregnant ICW inmate - – An infant born while the mother is serving sentence in the CIW may be allowed to stay with the mother for a period not exceeding one (1) yea. After the lapse of said period, if the mother of the infant fails to place the child in a home of her own, the Superintendent shall make arrangements with the Department of Social Welfare the CIW shall have a nursery staffed by qualified personnel. Recommendation for release of seriously-ill inmate – The prison medical officer shall visit all sick inmates daily and attend to those who complain of any ailment. He shall render a report to the Superintendent whenever he considers that an inmate’s mental or physical health ha been or will be injuriously affected by continued imprisonment or by any condition of...
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