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Topics: Gender, Disability, Audience theory Pages: 2 (763 words) Published: October 10, 2012
Summer Homework:
Waterloo road is a BBC one TV drama that focuses on teenage lives who attend high school; the plots are always focused on events in pupil’s lives within the school and outside of school. The show also focuses on adults related to the school or the teenagers/pupils. Waterloo road is not a watershed tv drama therefore is suitable for most age groups. The characters are represented in many different ways, for example represented by their class/status, sexuality, physical ability/disability, ethnicity, age and gender, regional identity. The representations are shown through mise en scene, as the characters who differ from various class/status are shown to have lack of self-health and lack of money to afford things, a character which are shown this way is Jade, a 16 year old girl who ran away from home with her 17 year old boyfriend and is shown living in poverty in an abandoned flat and is desperate to go to school to gain qualifications and steals a uniform from a pupil to be able to fit in. the setting and props enhance the audiences view as it shows to be very rough and dirty as well as the costumes of the character, it makes the audience think that people who are working class or have no qualifications may end up living like that. It also represents age as it shows the teenagers getting more help once adults in the school offer them support and help them, shows the immaturity of teenagers therefore may lead audience to believe teenagers are very naïve and need adult help. Sexuality in Waterloo road is shown to be a very confusing topic as Gay character Josh, seems to be embarrassed almost and hides it away from his dad and his best friend. But then later on in the series, he is revealed to have an Mental health issue , which is also relatable to another BBC One TV drama Eastenders, as gay character Ben Mitchell is also shown to have a mental health issue, which may lead to audience who watch BBC one overall, to think that being gay means...
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