The Breakfast Club

Topics: Stereotype, John Hughes, Prejudice Pages: 2 (863 words) Published: April 13, 2015
Stereotype/prejudice pg. 309 -Brian
fundamental attribution error - Bender
agression- displacement- pg. 360 - Andrew
The Breakfast Club- Social Psychology
The Breakfast Club is a dramatic film by John Hughes from 1985. The story takes place in the library at Shermer high school in Illinois. The movie records, five students from very different cliques as they spend an all day Saturday detention with one another under the supervision of a very forbidding principal.

This movie is unique because it takes place with the same setting throughout and yet the characters are so well developed. The character development and perceptions have a vital role in the underlying message and theme of the movie. Claire is the “princess.” She is the rich, well-to-do, pretty and popular girl. Andrew is the “athlete.” He is the state wrestler and jock that appears to be tough and strong. Then, Brian Johnson, “the brain” is the peaceful smart guy who fears making poor grades. The “basket case” is Allison Reynolds. She speaks seldom and has a bizarre style. Lastly, the rebel is John Bender. He is “the criminal” who seeks opposition. He is a bully with an insubordinate attitude towards the principal, Richard Vernon.

The principal has given these fives students very strict rules for their time spent in detention. No moving, sleeping and talking for the next eight hours. However, he additionally presents them with an assignment. They much each write a 1,000 word essay describing “who they think they are.” This topic will really play into the idea that these students have harsh stereotypes and prejudices against one another that reflect their self- schemas and how they behave towards one another.

Stereotypes are the ideas and beliefs about a person that are often overgeneralized and accurate. These usually lead to prejudices or negative pre conceived judgments towards a particle group. This often leads to verbal aggression intended to hurt one another with words. Most often...
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