Media Plan

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In advertising, the core method to make sure everything is running smoothly is through a media plan. A media plan "is a written document that summarizes the objectives and strategies that guide how media dollars will be spent". The overall reason behind a media plan is to make sure that they reach a targeted audience effectively. They are designed to answer the following questions: "(1) who (target audience), (2) what for (objectives), (3) where (the media vehicles used), (4) where (geography), (5) when (time frame), (6) how big (media weight), and (7) at what cost (cost efficiency)." The four basic steps in media planing are targeting, setting media objectives, developing media strategies, and analyzing the metrics of a media plan.

When attempting to identify a target audience, an effective media plan must select media vehicles that are compatible with the creative executions and notice whose audience would best match those of the brand's target audience. It may also want to reach for other potential customers which would only be beneficial in the long-run. "The tighter the focus, the easier it is to find appropriate media to deliver a relevant and focused message that connects with audience interests and engages them personally in a brand conversation." (Pg 425)

"Media objectives describe what a company wants to accomplish regarding the delivery of its brand messages and their impact on the target audience." This is basically the everlasting impression a company gives off to its audience. The percent of people exposed to a brand message one or more times within a specified period of time is called reach. It is also the first place to start when setting objectives for a media plan. In addition, frequency refers to the repetition of message exposure. It is important for companies to know about their audiences and how they perceive their messages on a daily basis. Frequency helps make this all possible.

Media strategy "is the

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