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Online journalism

Online journalism are immediate and electronic copies available on the Internet, it is read by navigation software Online journalism can be published in real time, updating breaking news and events as they happen. Nothing new here -- we have had this ability with telegraph, teletype, radio, and TV. Just as we gather around the TV or radio, so we can gather and attend real-time events online in chat rooms Online journalism also takes advantage of shifted time. Online publications can publish and archive articles for viewing now or later, just as print, film, or broadcast

Online journalism can include multimedia elements: text and graphics (newspapers and books), sound, music, motion video, and animation (broadcast radio, TV, film), 3D, etc. Online journalism is interactive, because the communication process not be in one direction but there is an interaction between the sender and receiver and there is also an exchange of roles, among them Interactivity in online journalism is leading to citizen journalism and participatory journalism because the users can participate in posting and publishing news, video or audio about events. The users can save, print or share the news

Characteristics of online journalism
The news stories are posted in the moment they happen
Journalists are publishing news as soon as possible.
Breaking news are available online.
Online news can be updated all the time.
Online journalism is global by being accessed and reached at any place all over the world. It is flexible.
It is not expensive.
Online journalism is applying convergence where television, radio and the new media forms of internet collide and mixed.

Online journalism has the advantage of being accessible to anyone around the world who has an Internet connection. Any stories you upload can be seen relatively quickly and you can edit or delete stories very quickly

Online journalism vs. print journalism

After the emergence of the Internet and especially online journalism, Researchers had differed views about the survival of the printed journalism Several of the trends that have emerged:
The first trend:
Proponents of this trend say that the future will be for online Journalism and will be a substitute for the printed journalism and the print journalism will start to disappear gradually The second trend:

Proponents of this trend say that the print journalism will continue to exist, especially in Egypt, due to several reasons such as "ignorance - poverty - technological illiteracy - the high price of technology- online journalism have specific audiences) While print journalism are available for each of the audiences and at nominal prices The third trend:

Proponents of this trend say that the print journalism and online journalism will continue side by side, through the history of the media did not come any new means to eliminate the old means

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