Measuring and Controling Value Created in Endesa

Topics: Economics, Microeconomics, Finance Pages: 2 (617 words) Published: January 31, 2007
1.Refer to ENDESA¡¦s current business strategy. In what primary economic activity is ENDESA engaged? (HINT: the primary economic activity is not the generation and sale of electricity or related activities). Why is it necessary to understand the strategy and primary economic activity in order to manage ENDESA¡¦s financial activities?

Managers should ensure that selected performance measurement system fits the unique requirements and business strategy of the firm. In general, primary economic activity of the company and its performance focus should dictate the selection of performance measurement model. ENDESA strategy is ¡§one of acquiring business units, using its expertise to develop as much value in the unit as possible and then to hold or sell the unit depending on its EVC potential.¡¨ Primary economic activity of ENDESA is oriented towards geographic diversification (diversified market expansion) and diversified portfolio of business activities. The company follows a clear strategy of holding and developing units with high or potentially high EVC and selling those with low potential EVC. The desired focus of ENDESA is the interrelationship between managers and shareholders and each business unit is hold responsible for driving value.

2.Why does EVC as computed by ENDESA reflect an economic rather than an accounting perspective? What are the advantages and disadvantages of using a cash flow perspective vs. an accounting perspective for financial management tools?

A key difference between accounting and economic principles is based on assumption that revenues of a profitable company: „Ïmust cover both production and operating expenses of business activities „Ïmust provide a return on the invested capital that exceeds the opportunity cost of capital. Economic value created (EVC) is becoming increasingly important especially for companies whose intangible assets are predominantly funded by shareholder¡¦s equity. It ensures a greater degree of...
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