Unit 16 P5

Topics: Employment, Management, Measurement Pages: 5 (1810 words) Published: July 10, 2012
What is employee performance?
Employee performance is a performance criteria standard of an employee, they must have good behaviour and mustn’t do anything bad like waste time. Employees are rated on how well they do their jobs compared with a set of standards determined by the employer. What does measuring performing mean

Measuring performance means when a business will measure the quality of the activities that are passing and the quality of the services provided to the customers by employees. It involves creating a simple, but effective, system for determining whether organizations meet objectives. It’s also a process of collecting and reporting information regarding the performance of an individual, group or organizations. It can involve looking at process/strategies in place, as well as whether outcomes are in line with what was intended or should have been achieved. Source: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Performance_measurement Describe each of the techniques available for measuring performing and link to Carphone Warehouse •Performance indicators- businesses have different ways to measure employee performance, e.g. a business will measure how much customers have been served during a specific time, how many products they have made, how many sales they have made. Having measurements like this will allow managers to compare employees. Carphone Warehouse don’t really compare each of their employee but on working days every employee will sell a product or a contract to a customer, Carphone will just have a record of how much products each employee makes during their working hours, the more sales they make themselves the more better their wage will be, also when the employee makes sales their name will be recorded into the system, the positive point for this is that the managers can see you are hardworking. •Goal theory-is the practise of setting goals for employees to achieve. The best set of goals are produced when the employer and employee work together to set goals that they feel are important. Clear and challenging goals can give employees incentive and motivation to work more productively and achieve the performance that is required. Carphone Warehouse do this when an employee is sent for training before they start of their job in real. Before any employee starts they are sent of for 2 days training and will learn about the company, the managers will teach every training employee how to sell accordingly, how to speak to customers etc. they also set their objectives from the training, they tell every employee this is what your objectives are going to be and try your best to achieve them. •Smart targets- this is a business tool used to work out useful a set of objectives actually are. Judging objectives according to SMART they are means of testing how focused those objectives are. SMART may be used to give employees set work or levels of sales to achieve. Measurement and review dates need to be included in the planning of SMART targets so that the progress can be monitored and checked at the end. Carphone Warehouse have smart targets for each employee, they want their employees to know about phones, internet business they sell, each employee is measured at the end of every month because each branch will have a sales target to achieve, every employee will have contributed to this. S= specific- objectives should have a focus and not be vague M= measurable- objectives should include something that can be measured A= achievable- if staff don’t think they can achieve their targets they will be demotivated R= realistic- objectives must be realistic in relation to both the resources and skills available, and overall goals of the organisation T= time-bound- objectives must have an end so that success can be measured. •Benchmarking- this is when a organisation will measure how well they are performing against other businesses. This can be done with benchmarking which means that an organisation tries to meet or...
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