Measurement of Trade Show Performance and Its Profitability

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Professional Higher Education Bachelor's programme
“European BUSINESS studies”

bachelor Thesis

Measurement of trade show performance and its profitability within “Biosan, Ltd” Company.
Izstažu darbības un tā rentabilitātes novērtējums, uzņēmuma “Biosan, Ltd” ietvaros.

Author | | studentOlga Oleha|
Thesis Supervisor| | Dr.oec, assistant professor Anatolijs Petrovs| Programme Director | | Mg.oec.Iveta Ludviga|

RIGA, 2012

1. Chapter 1: Literature Review and Theoretical Framework12
1.1. Introduction to literature review12
1.2. Definition of trade show13
1.3. Exhibition participation13
1.3.1 Exhibition Targets13
1.3.2Economic targets / Psychographic targets14
1.3.3Objectives for exhibitions15
1.3.4Stand Impact15
1.3.5 Follow-up measures18
1.4Advantages of exhibitions20
1.4.1Product launch and demonstration20
1.4.2Build relationships20
1.4.3Learning experience20
1.4.4Lead generation21
1.4.5Brand building21
1.4.6Market presence21
1.5Disadvantages of trade events22
1.6Existing previous research on exhibitions23
1.7 Introduction to Theoretical Framework25
1.7.1 The Dependent Variable (FTF)25
1.7.2 The Independent Variables (FTF)26
1.7.3 Relationships and associations between variables (FTF)26 1.7.4 Explanation of First Theoretical Framework27
1.7.5 The Dependent Variable (STF)29
1.7.6 The Independent Variables (STF)29
1.7.7 Relationships and associations between variables (STF)30
1.8 Development of research questions30
1.8.1 Research Question 1:31
1.8.2. Research Question 2:31
1.8.3 Research Question 3:31
1.8.4 Research Question 4:31
2. Chapter 2: Description of Investigation and Analysis and Interpretation of Results34
2.1 Introduction to Description of Investigation34
2.2. Company background34
2.2.1 Specificity of the Business34
2.2.2 Labdiagnostika 201235
2.2.3 Analytica 201235
2.3 Research Design36
2.3.1 Purpose of the Study36
2.3.2 Type of Investigation36
2.3.3 Extent of Researcher Interference36
2.3.4 Unit of Analysis37
2.3.5 Time Horizon37
2.4 Data Collection Method37
2.4.1 Company Data38
2.5 Secondary Data Sources38
2.6 Data Analysis39
2.7 Introduction to Analysis and Interpretation of Results39 2.7.1 Research Question 139
2.7.2 Research Question 241
2.7.3 Research Question 342
2.7.4 Research Question 444
Conclusions and future work56
First Theoretical Framework56
Second Theoretical Framework56
Recommendations for the company57
First Theoretical Framework57
Second Theoretical Framework57
Limitations of the Research58
First Theoretical Framework58
Second Theoretical Framework58
Future Research58


The author of the paper would like to express his utmost gratitude to his supervisor Anatolijs Petrovs for actively participating in the creation of the research paper. Finally, the author would like to thank all of the colleagues for useful and motivational insights.


Trade shows and trade shows performance are both important and under-researched component of the promotional mix for most industrial products, as relatively few studies have examined the effectiveness of the medium. As it has turned out, most of the companies that actively participate in various annual exhibitions, usually face the lack of a unified framework for evaluation participation performance and consequnetly neglect any attempts to quantify post-exhibition results and overall profitability of the event.

“Biosan, Ltd”, one of the most pioneering Latvian companies in the field of laboratory instruments industry and biotechnology, is heavily exhibiting its production on different...

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___ _____________, 2012
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