Meal Plan

Topics: Breakfast, Full breakfast, Food Pages: 2 (636 words) Published: May 4, 2011
Date: 20th November 2010
To: Captain Morgan
John Sleeman
Sue. E. Sidle
Subject: Meal Plan
Due to college being so expensive and time consuming and since we are all lazy and are more concerned about trying to get a decent GPA then trying to live by eating healthy, I have devised a meal plan with daily scheduled duties, Meals, and shopping runs, to meet our school schedule and nutritional needs Introduction:

However convenient and good that fast food and other on the go meals may be might be, take out and fast food is way too expensive and unhealthy and if we ever want to make it to second semester financially or just plain making it alive I believe following this meal plan will make a great beneficial difference to our wallets and health. Take Turn Shopping Runs

All dishes for all meals are designed, budgeted into our monthly expenses, and supply runs are done on a weekly basis. Everyone will decide on which week they want and if one cannot meet the scheduled duties during that week a notice in advance and an agreement between the person and the member taking over the extra duties will have to be arranged prior to that week so there is no confusion and mess ups when that time comes. Wish List:

I will print out and store in the kitchen a stack of recipe conversion papers for the purpose of people writing down all ingredients, cost and cooking methods of dishes they would like to add. We can meet, discuss and vote on changes. Assigned Duties:

Since there are two meals we need to cover each day the rotation of duties will be as such on Saturday night names will be drawn for the two people to start off the week on Sunday. two people will be preparing and cooking the food and the other to will be cleaning up afterwards this will rotate daily and on Saturdays it will be a free all day where whatever groceries are left over is what you can make yourself and clean up yourself whenever you would like so long as it gets done by the end of...
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