Assessment of Practicum Program

Topics: Skill, Restaurant, Learning Pages: 1 (412 words) Published: March 13, 2013
I had hard times, with my other classmates searching and submitting our resumes to the restaurants and alas! I had accepted at G-Dial Corporation at Camp Crame as to be their trainee. We were so happy that time for at last our hard time was over. I have started our training after we were briefed about the whole operations of the restaurant. My role as an On-The-Job trainee of G-Dial Corporation is more of being a chef and catering the team’s services, also to help in the kitchen. I worked in the different stations in the kitchen. They let me prepare different cuisines such as Filipino or local menus. I easily learn all their recipe and how to prepare and sometimes if we have a function we prepare more than 100 plated salad. If there are new services, my role is to mostly prepare dishes to be served. I also do tasks that they let me do like the first thing that I have done which is to chef at the kitchen, doing local and international dishes, one is which called Mixed Seafood Veggies Stir Fry. While I was working on the task assigned to me, I was at first confused since I am not so much familiar with the kitchen where to access the basic kitchen utilities, but I managed to finish it and I am really proud about because I learned a lot from it. The next project assigned to me was creating table set ups. This is something usual but I am very much proud of while I was doing because the table set ups is specifically made by me, and these table set ups that I learned are from our previous lessons. I got to learn also other techniques how to prepare things quickly but neatly and it was really awesome. Soon, the tasks assigned to me were testing of the tang of self-made dishes and what they assigned to me was create Chicken Teriyaki. As I was testing the tanginess of the food, I get to be so excited about it as soon as it is deployed and launched. While I was working on all of those tasks, I am happy that I was able to apply the lessons I have got from my school....
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