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McDonald's Processing Strategy

By abt222 Dec 22, 2010 341 Words
McDonalds’s starting as a restaurant to serve hamburger and milkshakes California has grown to a global powerhouse in the fast food industry being managed by its headquarters in Oak Brook, Illinois. McDonald’s has developed its operations into a customization of its food product for any appetite depending on the local culture and still hold steady to its initial beginnings. McDonald’s uses a repetitive-focused strategy to serve over 60 million customers around the world. Relationship between the headquarters and its franchise owners and suppliers allows McDonalds to provide a quality product that is the same in Idaho or Japan. This process was developed by McDonald’s founder Ray Kroc. Kroc believed in a simple principle. That being of a 3-legged stool, with McDonald’s being one leg, the supplier being another and the last being the franchisees. This principle is supported by Kroc’s business slogan of “In business for yourself, but not by yourself”. To manage this strategy and philosophy they positioned their headquarters in location and facility developed for that purpose. The headquarters for McDonald’s corporation is Oak Brook, Illinois, located in the mid-west of the United States. The 88 acre facility has been designed to support the operations of the headquarters and the hamburger university where training, research and development happen. Great care was taken to enable for environmental practices to happen. The used oil for the onsite restaurant is used to create bio-fuel for a shuttle that runs in between different buildings at the headquarters. The design of the facilities was with the environment in mind. The location I believe is a good location and don’t feel that any other would be much better, as the distribution is done from many centers around the United States and the world with products from different suppliers. This gives the approach that Ray Kroc wanted with the 3-leg of the corporations operations. Taking the company across the global for many years to come continually serving millions of customers each day.

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