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mcdonald principals of management

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1. TAYLOR PRINCIPLESIN McDONALDS MADE BY : MEENAKSHI AWANA (MBA/4505/11) 2. ABOUT MCDONALDS•McDonalds Corporation is the worlds largestchain of hamburger fast food restaurant• Serving around 64 million customers daily• Headquartered in the United States• The business began in 1940, with a restaurantopened by brothers Richard and MauriceMcDonald 3. The Principles of ScientificManagement Published by Frederick Winslow Taylor in 1911. He is often called "The Father of Scientific Management.“ His approach is also often referred to, as Taylors Principles, or Taylorism. 4. CONT..1. Replace rule of thumb work methods with methods based on ascientific study of the tasks.2. Scientifically select and then train, teach, and develop theworkman, whereas in the past the employee (or workmen) chose hisown work and trained himself as best he could.3. Provide "Detailed instruction and supervision of each worker in theperformance of that workers discrete task“4. Divide work nearly equally between managers and workers, so thatthe managers apply scientific management principles to planning thework and the workers actually perform the tasks. 5. Principles Science not rule of thumb Harmony not discord Cooperation not individualism Development of each and every personnel to his or her greatest efficiency. 6. Scientific management in McD The principles of scientific management had also been applied by McDonald’s in it business operations for the three functions:-1) development of the workman and the scientific education2) the method of performing every job3) and the system of rewardingSo that they can meet the goals 7. TRAINING The scientific training is also one considered to be one of the important principles in the scientific management. The company also has the strong tradition and belief that the training have known for their values as the bottom line for their business. There is also the proper structured of the training that can help in retaining its staffs for their demonstrations of their links amidst the promotions and training. 8.  McDonald trains almost 55,000 employees each year. Each year, it also dedicates over £10 million to ongoing employee training, providing people with valuable skills. Work experience at McDonalds is a foundation for future employability. People from all walks of life credit a first job at McDonalds with having equipped them with the ingredients for success. 9.  McDonalds Staff Training Programme is an on-the- job vocational experience that teaches skills transferable to other industries. All employees-learn to operate state-of-the-art foodservice equipment, gaining knowledge of McDonalds operational procedures. Step-by-Step manuals and video tapes cover every detail, from how to make a Big Mac, to how to deliver exceptional service to customers. 10.  McDonalds business demands teamwork, discipline and responsibility. McDonalds experience results in enhanced communications skills as well as greater self- confidence. 11.  Conducted at regional offices and corporate training centres across the country McDonalds Management Development Program (MDP) continues to develop the potential leaders which the Crew Training Programme has nurtured. The Management Training Centre runs three courses that give the skills required by different levels of management, from restaurant shift management to mid - management. 12. Standard method From the theory of Taylor, the company needs to have the standard method for performing the job efficiently. The McDonald’s established the sequences of strict and detailed working standards that can ensure for every product must be high quality in every chain restaurant. There are normative operational standards as well as the regulations even if he is a cook, cleaner, or the counter person. 13.  There are machines that control the amount of the materials and the cook time that are given in the numerical value. the company also established the computer system in the operations which can transmits the orders in the holding bins from the kitchen and for the regulations of the temperature in keeping the foods to be fresh and hot. the staffs of McDonald’s are all experts with the various production procedures. The company had also been developed the standard method with the efficient performance of the employees and their jobs. 14.  standard speech when asking for drinks and items of foods as the” Is that a large one” or “would you like fries with that”, respectively. use of the manuals and operative check lists for the working methods that determined by the management. 15. Development of personnel Development of each and every person to his or her greatest efficiency. bonus systems for encouraging the employees to have the better performance and to meet its standards and objectives. This will support to the statement of Taylor that the non-incentive system of wages can only encourage the low production if the employee is receiving the similar payment regardless the produced amount that they made. 16.  McDonalds is motivating employees for better performance. Aside from the base payment, the company had established the promotional programs and the competitive wages, motivation, hard work, dedication, and results that rewarded and recognized by McDonalds. also established the incentive pay system that can provide their employees for the earning the opportunities in the competitive total compensation when meeting or even exceeding the performance goals. 17.  There are also bonuses that the company is paying for the top employees which are based on the performance of the business and the individual performance. In this manner, the objective is not only for the establishment of the bonus system but also for the efficient and effective performance of the company which instituting the different kinds of systems in increasing the monetary incentives . 18.  In this manner, the objective is not only for the establishment of the bonus system but also for the efficient and effective performance of the company which instituting the different kinds of systems in increasing the monetary incentives 19. Fayol’s Principle of scalar chain Scalar Chain (Line of Authority) This principle refers to no. of levels in hierarchy, from ultimate authority to lowest levels. The purpose of the scalar chain in administrative theory is to maintain the idea of unity of command and authority but at the same time provide employees with the opportunity to use their own initiative and judgement A basic diagram involving only 4 members 20. Scalar Chain Principle followed at McDonald  There is a chain of command from top to bottom.  There are store owners, store managers, assistant managers, and the employees.  There are organizational goals that must be met, and it is the responsibility of the managers to make sure that it’s employees are performing those tasks and following the rule that are applied to all. 21. Fayol’s Principle of Division of work/labourDivision of work/labour: Specialization allows the individual to build up experience, and to continuously improve his skills. Thereby he can be more productive. The use of division of labour or specialization has proved extremely useful in boosting productivity. 22. Principle of Division of work/labour followed at Mc Donalds This principle is being used at Mc Donald and has greatly helped in improving the services. For example:- The method in which McDonalds for example create their hamburger is a form of deskilling and division of labour. They have simplified the job by firstly grilling the burger, putting in lettuce and tomatoes, adding sauce etc, putting onto rolls and then wrapping it up. We can see that this is a break down of the job and by having individuals do each task it not only improves efficiency but also creates specialised personnel.

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