Mcdonald Marketing Plan

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Rational for the chosen organization
I have chosen McDonald food chain in Sri Lanka. McDonalds is a growing and known brand in the world in the fast food industry. They are basically into burgers, French fries, milkshakes, salads, desserts, Drinks. Fast food chains are rapidly spreading across the world in every country, and it’s becoming popular in Sri Lanka as well. McDonalds commenced its operations in Sri Lanka in 2003 where the franchising power was held with Abans pvt ltd. This Marketing Plan will address a long term marketing plan for McDonald Sri Lanka. Since the country has won the 30 year old ethnic war and now going towards development there is better opportunity for all the business in the country. A boom Sri Lankan economy and millions of people hungry to consume and McDonalds could expand quickly into the market to beat their rivals and capitalizing on the opportunity. Marketing focus will be on the marketing strategies of McDonalds in an increase in competitive pressure in the fast food market. Rational

The reason for choosing McDonald Sri Lanka is because it is one of the biggest fast food giants and also because of the reputed brand name and logo know by everybody in the world. Even in Sri Lanka everyone loves it specially the children and desires for it. Methodologies in collecting data for the audit I will select both primary data and secondary data. Primary data

Interaction with employees who is working at McDonalds
Secondary data
Information from the corporate McDonalds web site
Business magazines
Other web sites

An increase in competitive pressure in the market for a product or service currently offered by your organization. McDonalds Sri Lanka has five branches across the western province and the first branch was open in Colombo 03. Other branches are in Kaluthara, Nugegoda, Maharagama, Dehiwela. McDonalds held the top position for some years in the fast food industry and due to completion it stands second in the Sri Lankan market. McDonald was very popular among the Sri Lankan youth and adults because of the delicious food that it offered and also the ambience of the outlets, it has been constantly introducing new burgers and other fast food items and they were opening new branches in potential areas. McDonalds lost its number one position due to the increasing competitive pressure and as a result it lost 30% of its sales in the past two to three years. There also has been a drastic drop in the net profit margins. There are lots of competitors who have entered the potential fast food market in order to get a slice of the icing cake. Many small restaurants have entered since there are low barriers to entry and they have used marketing and advertise in TV and Newspapers. This trend will grow since the war has ended and there is potential to companies to make money at the same time the country is also developing and there is a direct influence on the fast food industry. The restaurant industry in Sri Lanka has a good direction since most of the people have hectic lifestyles and they are fighting with time. Current woman are not in homes like the old days since majority of them are working to earn some money and it’s very rare for them to prepare a home cook meal. In order for McDonalds to reach the number one position again in the fast food industry it will carry out a marketing audit using primary and secondary data handled by a reputed research company, and to evaluate to understand where the company stands now in the market, and to identify the gaps and fill them with tailor made strategies to retain the existing customer base and also to attract new prospective clients and hanging on to them. Then this client will climb the ladder and will be a supporter for McDonalds. This will ensure that McDonalds will get the market share and will increase their profit margins. The Macro Environment

It useful for McDonalds to perform an external marketing audit that...
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