Mcdonald Marketing Plan

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Our group selected a popular fast food restaurant company; McDonald restaurant (Hong Kong) Limited; McDonald was a neighborhood restaurant established in USA, in 1955.The first McDonald was established in Hong Kong in 1975 and offered customer the American Big Mac Meal and located at Paterson Street, Causeway Bay.

***Section 1
Mission of McDonald: “To be our customers” favorite Place and way to eat with inspired people who delight each customer with unmatched quality, service, cleanliness and value every time. Company Objectives:

* Easy accessibility of product and services to the customer * Easy accessibility of providing essential services and value-add services * Easy complaint handing process
* Covering whole target market
Sales Objectives:
* To increase sales by 40% in upcoming 6 months
* To increase brand awareness among non-existing clients
The Strengths of McDonald:
* It is worldwide fast food restaurant while having huge on its competitors * It is market leader in both domestic and international markets. * It has been facing long term economic growth and is taking advantage by expanding itself globally * It aggressive marketing plans has enabled it to capture every next market segment which it tergets. The Weaknesses of McDonald:

* Market saturation has made the expansion difficult for McDonald’s * The health food control have been effective McDonald’s image. The Opportunities of McDonald:
* It can make its outlet chains better and more attractive for new customers by giving value services like internet access * International expansion is still available as an opportunity for McDonald * Product innovation is another big opportunity which McDonald’s can catch The Threats of McDonald:

* It is open to the alterations in the worldwide economy. * Fluctuations in foreign currency rates are also a big threat for McDonald’s Who are competitors?
Top Companies like KFC, Burger King Corporation and Yoshinoya are serving as major competitor of McDonald. Target Customers of McDonald:
Country region : Chinese
City Size: Seven million
Age: from 4 – 28
Gender : Both Gender
Family Size: 3 – 4up persons
Family life cycle: all range of married with children
Income: HK$8,500 and over
Occupation: Student
Education: High School
Social class: working class
Lifestyle: like fast food and simple
Personality: outgoing
Occasions: Student, hard worker and teenage.
Positioning of McDonald:
Positioning is a process of creating an image in the mind of consumers by which consumers can understand the uniqueness about our product when compared to competitor’s product. In Hong Kong positioning of McDonald has been directed as a Family restaurant. Then they started positioning according to the kids as well by introducing new advertising of toys with their products such as “Happy Meal”, Nowadays youngster and working people are so use to get their meal fast, so McDonald start target them and try to position McDonalds as a place for all.

***Selection 2
Product Line:
There are 7 Product Line in McDonald as below:
Burger, Snack, Drink, Dessert, Salad, Breakfast and Rice.
We selected the product line; Rice for our marketing plan and in this product line has 4product which choose the Karunbi Beef on Rice. It was the main item promoting when the product announce out.

McDonald has their Quality Assurance Department to control their quality; therefore they will make decision on quality and supplier of the ingredients. Each product have their own quality control file, all the shop manager will be study and go for train on the quality control of the product, then the shop manager will be train and give inspect the product quality at their own shop.

Karubi Beef on Rice has been used the best ingredients such as: The rice from popular rice country Australia, the beef from select the best beef patty country...
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