Mcbride Financial Services

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McBride Financial Services
CMGT 410/Project Building and Implementation
August 2, 2010

McBride Financial Services
McBride Financial Services is a start-up mortgage company. They specialize in offering their customers low cost mortgage services at a fixed price. Their target group will include professionals and retirees purchasing their first home or secondary home, and individuals or families purchasing recreational properties (Apollo, 2005, 2007). McBride Financial Services will be starting with the Sioux Falls office to implement a LAN system, which includes the equipment and software installation. Background

McBride Financial Services is a new financial lender with the main headquarters in Boise, Idaho. McBride Financial Services has offices in Cheyenne and Jackson, Wyoming, Billings, Montana, Bismarck and Fargo, North Dakota, and Rapid City and Sioux Falls, South Dakota (Apollo, 2005, 2007). McBride Financial Services offers mortgages, specializing in conventional, FHA, and VA loans to purchase or refinance homes. McBride’s goal is to offer low cost mortgage services by using current technology in all their offices. Statement of Need

McBride Financial Services is in need of a complete IT system to service their clients and brokers. McBride Financial Services is in the process of setting up their offices with Boise being the home location and Sioux Falls their first branch office. The Sioux Falls office is in need of equipment, software and installation of a LAN to start operations. The office will have a receptionist and two to three brokers that will provide their own laptops. The company will need to provide the networks, Internet connections, printers, fax machines, and telephone service in the offices (Apollo, 2005, 2007). The office is an open room on the ground floor of a strip office building, 900 square feet. The design of the office will have a file storage area, a computer and telephone area, and a private meeting area for meetings between clients and brokers. Each office will also include a self-serve kiosks for clients to access their loan applications or the company website. Security is a concern and the latest technology will need to be used to protect clients’ personal information from outside sources and unauthorized internal personnel. Each computer will also need physical security protection, while still be accessible to clients. The office will need to be connected to the main office and all the other offices, so that information can be accessed as needed at all locations. Project Objectives

The objective for the project plan is to set up a complete network for headquarters and satellite offices. With this new network, McBride Financial Services will be able to communicate more efficiently between headquarters and their other offices. The main objective is to develop a project plan that can satisfy the Measurable Organizational Value (MOV) for the organization and to be able to maintain a budget while staying on schedule. The stakeholders desire to have better and faster communication between offices and with their customers. They would like to be able to do more with their system, which in turn, the company can serve their customers better and provide more services. This is to be done while maintaining a quality system, products and services for company personnel and for their customers.

The project objects help to achieve the overall goal for the project. There are several processes needed to create the project objectives. The project scope is the first process that needs to be defined. The project needs to define the scope plan, scope definition, WBS, scope verification, and scope control. The scope will dictate what needs to be done and what does not need to be done. The next thing that should be accomplished is to create a schedule, using Microsoft Project to establish a start and stop time for the project. It will establish start and stop times for...

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