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ACHARYA NAGARJUNA UNIVERSITY 3 year P.G. Degree Course (Semester System)


W.E.F. 2009 – 2010

R.V.R. & J.C. COLLEGE OF ENGINEERING (Sponsored By Nagarjuna Educational Society) CHOWDAVARAM – GUNTUR-19


RULES AND REGULATIONS OF SEMESTER SYSTEM IN POST-GRADUATE DEGREE COURSES EFFECTIVE FROM THE ACADEMIC YEAR 2009-2010 ONWARDS. 1. ADMISSION : Candidates shall be admitted into P.G.Degree Courses strictly in accordance with the rank secured at the entrance test, if any, or rank determined on the basis of the marks other criteria determined by the University from time to time, following the rules of reservation of seats for various categories of students. 2. DURATION AND COURSE OF STUDY: The duration of the P.G.Degree Course is of one/two/three academic years. Each academic year is divided into two semesters. The two semesters in the first academic year are referred to as Semester I and Semester II and the two semesters in the second academic year are referred to as Semester III and Semester IV. For three year course, the third academic year will have semester V and VI. Each semester shall comprise of 16 weeks of instruction. 3. TIME FOR THE COMPLETION FO THE COURSE : The candidates have to complete three years of P.G.Course within 6years from the year of joining the course. 4. AWARD OF DEGREE: The Post Graduates Degree in the concerned faculty will be conferred on a candidate who has pursed a regular course of study for one /two /three academic years as prescribed in the scheme of instruction and has passed all the examinations as prescribed in the scheme of examination. 5. ATTENDANCE: 5.1. Candidates shall put in attendance of not less than 75% in aggregate in the prescribed subjects in each semester including field work , practical, project work, seminars, extension work etc. Condonation of shortage of attendance may be granted by the Principal of the college to the candidate who have put in 60% and above (but less than 75%) attendance of Medical Grounds on production of medical Certificate from a registered Medical Practitioner and also on payment of prescribed condonation fees. 5.2. Participants in N.C.C/N.S.S. Special/N.I Camps or Inter-collegiate or Inter-University or Inter-State or National or International Matches or Debates, Youth festivals or Educational tours, if they form part of the curriculum, or such other Inter-University , Inter-College activities as absence . However , the total period of such absence shall not exceed four weeks in a semester. 5.3. Candidates who have put in les than 60% of attendance are not eligible for grant of condonation on shortage of attendance and also they are not eligible to appear in the University examination of that semester. Such candidates shall have to repeat the regular course of study of the corresponding semester in subsequent academic year in order to become eligible to appear for the examination . The seats of

candidates admitted for repetition of the semester be treated as extra seats over and above the sanctioned strength. 5.4. Attendance shall be reckoned from the date of commencement of instruction as per the academic calendar. However , in the case of candidates admitted later (but within the stipulated time) the attendance will be reckoned from the date of admission. 5.5. To enable students to know their attendance at the end of each month, the concerned Heads of Departments shall display cumulative attendance for information. 6. SCHEME OF INSTRUCTION AND EXAMINATION: 6.1.Instruction in various subjects shall be provided by the college as per the Scheme of instructions and syllabi prescribed. 6.2. At the end of each semester, University examinations shall be held as prescribed in the scheme of examination. 6.3. Each theory paper carries 100 marks of which 80 marks are earmarked for semester-end examination and 20 marks are earmarked for internal assessment to be awarded by the teacher...
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