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2006 Punjab Technical University M.B.A mba-ptu(I sem)distance learning programme Question paper Accounting for management MBA - 1st SEMESTER(2096)

1)section -A is compulsory(2 marks each)
2) attempt any 9 questions from section -B(5 marks each)

Section -A
1. Write short notes on the following:
(i) Differentiate between Book-keeping and AcCounting.
(ii) Explain dual aspect concept.
(iii) What is Accounting process?
(iv) What is an Adjustment entry of prepaid expenses?
(v) Mention two uses of Trend Analysis .
(vi) What is meant of Funds from operations?
(vii) What is meant by Financing Activities?
(viiI) How Debt Equity Ratio is calculated?
(ix) How cost is classified on the basis of elements?
(x) Why profit volume Ratio is calculated?
(xi) What is meant by Gang composition variance?
(xii) Explain profit centre and cost centre.
(xiii) What is current cost Accounting?
(xiv) Explain the concept of kaizen costing.
(xv) Write two main objectives of Human Resource Accounting.


2.Explain various steps involved in Activity based costing. 3. What is social Accounting? Explain few techniques of social Accounting . ./ 4.Explain Zero Base Budgeting. Also mention its advantages. 5.What is variance Analysis? How material variances are

6.From the following data, compute Breakeven sales and
margin of safety: ,
Sales Rs.I0,0000
Fixed cost Rs.3,OO,OOO Profit Rs 2,00,000
7.How Cost data is useful in managerial decision making process? 8. What is meant by cash flow statement?how it is prepared?
9. Opening stock Rs.58,000; Excess of the closing stock over opening stock.Rs.4000,sales Rs.6,40,000 Gross profit @25% on sales. Calculate stock turn over Ratio. .
10.In Modern world Describe the role of an Accountant in an organisation

11. Explain various Accounting concepts and conventions.

12.How Financial statements are prepared? What are its purpose?

13.The standarad material required to Manufacture one unit of product x is 10 kg and the standarad price per k.g

2007 Punjab Technical University M.B.A mba-ptu(I sem)distance learning programme Question paper

Paper ID-B0203
Accounting for management
1)Section –A is compulsory
2)Attempt any Nine questions from section –B

a) Write accounting equation .what does it signify.
b) Write three principles of accounting.
c) Explain the convention of conservatism.
d) what are cost drivers?
e) How are outstanding expenses treated in final accounts?
f) What are common size statements?
G )Explain the term ‘fund’.
h) What is human resource cost accounting?
i) What is the significance of P/E ratio?
j) Differentiate between social cost and social benefits.
k) Explain the term ‘cost object’.
l) What is opportunity cost?
m) Differentiate between period costs and product costs?
n) What are flexible budgets?
o) Differentiate between a ‘profit center ’ and a cost center.

Section – B
2)Is accounting an information system? Discuss its components. 3) Discuss how activity based costing is different from traditional costing. 4) Explain three most significant concepts of accounting.

5) From the following balances drawn from the ledger of a merchant,prepare trading profit and loss account of the year ended on 31st march 2006 and a balance sheet on that date: Particulars Amount(rs) Particular Amount(rs)

Sundry creditors 19000 Bad debts 100
Buildings 15000 Loan from ram 2500
Income tax 1025 Sundry debtors 9500
Loose tools 1000 Investments 6500
Cash at bank 16200 Provision for doubtful debts 1600
Sundry expenses 1990 Rent and rates 850
Bank interest(Cr) 75 Furniture 3000
Purchases 157000 Opening stock 27350
Wages 10000 Capital 47390
Carriage inwards 1120 Discount allowed 630
Sales 185000 Dividend received 535
Motor van
Cash in hand 12500
335 Drawings
Bills payable 2000

The following adjustments need to be made
a) Write off further Rs.300 as bad debts...
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