Mb 0044 - Production and Operation Management

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MB0044 - Production and Operation Management

Q1. State the important considerations for locating an automobile plant.

Following are the important considerations for locating a Automobile plant - (1) Market.
(2) Transportation.
(3) Electricity.
(4) Community's liking for having a plant in their locality. (5) Taxation.
(6) Labour availability.
(7) Water supply.
(8) Transperency and ease of land accusition.
(9) Availability of raw materials.
(10) cheap land
(11) train station
(12) local distriboutors
(13) waste disposal system (river etc)
(14) Government Policy, SEZ, etc.

Q2. Explain essentials of Project Management Philosophy

All projects share one common characteristic – the projection of ideas and activities into new endeavours. The ever-present element of risk and uncertainty means that the events and tasks leading to completion can never be accurately foretold. Examples abound of projects that have exceeded their costs by enormous amounts, finishing late or even being abandoned before completion. Such failures are far too common and are seen in all kinds of projects in industry, commerce and the public sector. The purpose of project management is to predict as many of the dangers and problems as possible and to plan, organize and control activities so that projects are completed successfully in spite of all the risks. This process should start before any resource is committed and must continue until all work is finished. The primary aim of the project manager is for the result to satisfy the project sponsor or purchaser and all the other principal stakeholders within the promised timescale and without using more money and other resources than those that were originally set aside or budgeted.

For any technical assistance program to be successful, it is important to have professional management systems in place.

We are guided by a set of principles for the design and implementation of technical assistance projects in developing countries. These emphasize:

Dialogue and Cooperation: We emphasize a consultative, inclusive approach to project implementation. The involvement of counterparts in the design and implementation is essential to ensure that change management programs are effective and supported.

Ownership and Empowerment: It is important to emphasize the development of local talent. We are keen on empowering staff based on solid risk management approaches and motivational strategies. We enjoy coaching project staff and interns in field offices on all aspects of project management, including human resources, turn around and change management, donor relations, internal financial control and work planning.

Integrity and Accountability: Especially in difficult environments such as Afghanistan and many other developing countries, it is important to adhere to the highest standards of professionalism, integrity, client concern and service.

Internal Financial and Risk Controls: Strong internal risk management systems, such as those based on the COSO, AS/NZS 460:2004 and ISO 30001 are critically important to the implementation of programs, especially larger programs.

Quality and Innovation: We try to utilize the latest technology in support of project implementation. Content Management Systems such as joomla and Drupal are examples of how free opensource software that can be used to manage projects' document repository and to provide information on the programs to counterparts in different languages.

However a good project management methodology provides a framework, process, guidelinesand techniques to greatly increase the chances of being successful, and therefore providesvalue to the project. 

Define the project

Reduce it to a set of manageable tasks

Obtain appropriate and necessary resources

Build a team or teams to perform the project work

Plan the work and allocate the resources to the tasks

Monitor and control the work

Report progress to...
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