Leadership and Motivation for the Project Team

Topics: Management, Team, Project management Pages: 1 (287 words) Published: December 3, 2005
Leadership and Motivation for the Project Team
The project manager, in the broadest sense of the term, is the most important person for the success or failure of a project. The project manager is responsible for planning, organizing and controlling the project. In turn, the project manager receives authority from the management of the organization to mobilize the necessary resources to complete a project. The project manager must be able to exert interpersonal influence in order to lead the project team. The project manager often gains the support of his/her team through a combination of the following: •Formal authority resulting from an official capacity which is empowered to issue orders. •Reward and/or penalty power resulting from his/her capacity to dispense directly or indirectly valued organization rewards or penalties. •Expert power when the project manager is perceived as possessing special knowledge or expertise for the job. •Attractive power because the project manager has a personality or other characteristics to convince others. In a matrix organization, the members of the functional departments may be accustomed to a single reporting line in a hierarchical structure, but the project manager coordinates the activities of the team members drawn from functional departments. The functional structure within the matrix organization is responsible for priorities, coordination, administration and final decisions pertaining to project implementation. Thus, there are potential conflicts between functional divisions and project teams. The project manager must be given the responsibility and authority to resolve various conflicts such that the established project policy and quality standards will not be jeopardized. When contending issues of a more fundamental nature are developed, they must be brought to the attention of a high level in the management and be resolved expeditiously.
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