Mayo Clinic

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The Mayo ClinicHeather Brady
The Mayo Clinic is known for its innovative and effective ways of treatments of rare or hard-to-treat diseases. Mayo has come up with their own ways to achieve what they intended to do as a hospital for their patients. The hospital offers so much more than new ways of treatment. Mayo values their patients so they provide them with quality care, by well certified staff. Mayo goes above and beyond just treating, they help educate the community and patients on living healthier lives. Health care is a way of life, it effects everyone in one way or other. The founders had an idea of the type of hospital they wanted Mayo to be, and these are the reasons why it has achieved greatness in healthcare. The Mayo ClinicThe Mayo Clinic- St Mary's Hospital in Rochester, Minnesota was “developed by Dr. William Worrall Mayo in 1863. Dr. W.W Mayo was dedicated to studying medicine and passed down that tradition to his sons, Drs. William James Mayo and Charles Horace Mayo” (About Mayo Clinic). Dr. W.W Mayo had an idea of the type of hospital he wanted Mayo to be, the dedication and passion he had has been carried on throughout the years and continues today. "In fact, the group practice concept that the Mayo family originated has influenced the structure and function of medical practice throughout the world"(About Mayo Clinic). The Mayo Clinic is commitment to offering care, improving the care that people receive by providing high quality care by staff who puts their patients first, research to new findings for better treatments for their patients, the involved in educating the community to help provide them with ways to live healthier. Great rankings

The Mayo Clinic is considered second ranked hospital out of 100 in the Country, but has different rankings in certain specialties it offers. They offers a lot of different treatments. If you were going for treatment for an illness, why not go to the place that rank high in treatments? Mayo...

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