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1. Woodrow Wilson - The Study of Administration
What are the main points of Wilson’s argument?
Wilson suggests that public administration did not exist prior to ‘democratic’ government. “The functions of government were simple, because life itself was simple. Government went about imperatively and compelled men, without thought of consulting their wishes”. Do you agree and why? Wilson suggests ‘administration is everywhere putting its hands to new undertakings’ and that ‘no one can doubt that in some way it (government) must make itself master of masterful corporations’. Is government getting bigger or smaller these days? In China? In other countries? Wilson makes the argument that western government has been more concerned with limiting the power of government, than in making government well-ordered and effective. Is this a fair criticism? Wilson says that “the object of administrative study is to rescue executive methods from the confusion and costliness of empirical experiment and set them upon foundations laid deep in stable principle”. Can we really understand the best way of governing by logic and philosophy alone? How important are experiments and testing our assumptions? 2. Frank J. Goodnow - Politics and Administration

What was the main argument?
How does Goodnow describe the United States and its model of government? How would you describe the United States model of government? Goodnow refers to the ‘separation of powers’ as a key fact of government in the United States. Is this true if US presidents decide appointment of new judges? Is separation of powers a good idea, or does it slow down government? In a conflict between the state and the administrators, which does Goodnow say will win? Do you agree with him? 3. Dennis E Thompson – The Possibility of Administrative Ethics What are the main points of the authors argument?

What does Thompson mean by the ethic of neutrality?
Should public administrators just...
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