Matters Need to Be Attentioned When Use Brick Making Machine

Topics: Concrete, Hydraulics, American Head Charge Pages: 1 (345 words) Published: August 28, 2013
The note of use unburned brick making machine:
1.unburned brick making machine hopper easily condensed into blocks,so the material can be applied at any time,should not be stored for a long time; feeding, feed materials should be pay attention,stirring agitation cavity of the bone can not have large particles material or other foreign matter, especially iron and other solid objects, easily damaged brick. 2.The hopper bottom to keep consistent with the abrasive plane,it should be check the machine before use to adjust for hopper,after the feeding hopper returned,it also need clear the indenter surface sticky material, the upper and lower blade should be fine, wear excessive shall promptly replace them; initial test machine, you must use manual pallet filter it. Pallet length, thickness error of plus or minus 2mm or less maintained to prevent the card board, will be sent to board damage. 3. The hydraulic system should be adjusted to the rated pressure,regular cleaning oil filter,oil filter at least once a year,the worker always check the actual fuel tank,if necessary, supplement;excessive wear sleeve and the column to replace alloy cover, make sure the mold box and press head gap substantially all four sides, said stripping stable. 4. Check the connection brick whether is clean,if found to have bonding material blocks,you must shovel out into the molding machine to floor library; brick machine vibration pressure time should be strictly controlled,if necessary, can be regulated quantity,and pay attention to each step whether is normal,if the screw loose,if come out an accident should promptly stop and adjust the machine. 5. Cement brick machine is running,beware of plate with above items,if the plate more than expected,the above items must be clear in time,otherwise mold box is not in place,feeding car will be broken easily;when the cement brick machine work the non-working persons is prohibited to standside and objects near the device,otherwise it will cause...
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