Matrix Movie Review
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Matrix- Movie Review
The Matrix is the second film of the writer/director team Larry and Andy Wachowski, who have once again hit the mark with their science fiction thriller with the perfect balance of action, excitement and suspense. The Matrix didn’t follow the trend of many other sci-fi films of this era, which are becoming less and less reliant on plot and focusing their attention on special effects, which can often result in them becoming boring and predictable. Instead the Matrix achieved what a sci-fi film should achieve, in the sense that it ticked all the boxes for a good sci-fi film, while also being successful in genre crossing and character development.
Thomas Anderson is a hard-working computer programmer for a major software corporation… during the day. Once he leaves work though, he leads a double life as ‘Neo’ a hacker guilty of committing almost every computer crime possible. Through all this, he still is searching for more in his life, and that is exactly what he gets when he is contacted by a mysterious computer presence known as Morpheus, who gives him directions to follow a white rabbit, and with that begins Neo’s amazing odyssey.
Neo finds that Morpheus is the captain of a small space ship, and that he believes Neo is the one person who can manipulate the Matrix, a computer-generated dream world built by the machines to control human minds. Neo is confronted with this truth that reality he is used to is a fabrication, the product of a sinister race of intelligent machines that use human beings as power supplies, to be discarded at will. Neo and Morpheus and his team agree and formulate a plan and the action intensifies as they are threatened by the machines’ most powerful weapons- the Sentient Agents, whose goal is to capture Morpheus and pry the secrets from his brain.
It is clear that the Wachowski brother have put a lot of thought and effort into not only the sci-fi plotline, carefully structuring the story so that while the audience is

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