Mathematical Aptitude and a Successful Life!

Topics: Mathematics, Problem solving, Physics Pages: 2 (539 words) Published: April 17, 2013
Mathematical Aptitude and a Successful Life!
As a thinker, I have many different skills, but the most important aptitude that contributes to my successful life is mathematical. First of all, mathematic has helped me a lot in my home life. For example, last year when my uncle bought a house, I helped him to minimize the cost of rebuilding the floors. Although he wanted to make the floors by wood, he did not know how many box of wood he should buy because the floors did not have any particular shape. Moreover, since the distance from his house to the closest store was very far, he liked to know exactly how much wood needed, so he much not spend a lot of time and money going to the store to buy more or return the extra. He told my family the problem and asked for advice. After a while, I came up with an idea and said,” I think I can help you out “. By dividing the floors into many known shapes, I was able to calculate the area of the floors, so I solved the problem. My mathematical skill finally was useful in a real situation. Furthermore, the aptitude has helped me not only in my home life but also in my school life. I have taken many science classes, and I realized the reason I have done well on these classes is because there is a strong connection between them, and it is mathematic. For instance, last semester when I first enrolled in a physic class, I was scared that I could not do well on that course because it was the first time I took it. A few weeks later, I became aware that a lot of physic problems were solved by using mathematic skill. Therefore, I gained more confidence and felt better. As a result, I got a good grade in that course. How amazing is that the success in my education relates closely to my mathematical aptitude. In today’s highly technological world, having a solid preparing mathematic is a tremendous asset, and it will open doors to the future.

While my aptitude has contributed to my successful life, reading Rudolph F. Verderber’s...
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