MATH 209 Chapter 5 Quiz

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This paperwork comprises MATH 209 Chapter 5 Factoring Quiz Business - General Business
Week 2: Administrative Regulations - Discussion

Too much regulation - or not enough? (graded)

On pages 209 through 213, your textbook has a series of cases and problems, most of which have been taken from real cases in the United States regulatory world of business. Each case has a unique feature to it, and provides future business leaders with guidance about the landmines which await when the government gets in line to attempt to regulate your business. Every day, profitable businesses meet hurdles of regulation which happen seemingly "out of the blue." Yet, under the Administrative Procedures Act (which exists at the federal level as well as in many if not most states, which have their own acts), rules of publication and due process do come into play. Savvy business leaders stay in front of these new and proposed regulations through many avenues, which we will explore and discuss this week, along with a fact scenario.

As way of background, let us take you through a few of the cases in the book. First, problem seven, page 211, Chapter 6: In 1994, the company which owned Hooked on Phonics, Gateway Educational Products, Inc., entered into an agreed settlement with the FTC whereby they agreed not to make claims about how their product assisted young readers without proof from extensive research which supported their advertising claims. This was despite results from a yearlong study of several first-grade classrooms which showed vast improvement in students' reading skills. (Nathans, 1994)

The FDA regulates new drugs and medical procedures for the U.S., as discussed in your textbook problem number eight, page 211, Chapter 6. However, the FDA's control is limited by law. The U.S. Dept of Health and Human Services is the federal dept to which the F...

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