Masterchef Junior Analysis

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“1 minute remaining! Make sure your dishes are ready!” The children quickly prepare their dish to serve judges Gordon Ramsay, Christina Tosi, and Graham Elliot. I’ve always enjoyed watching the TV show Masterchef Junior, where bright, little kids gather from all over United States to cook and win the title of “Masterchef Junior”. I didn’t know how to cook, but I was inspired by how these little kids could cook to the same extent as the average adult. I took pleasure in watching them cook, but never thought about watching my mother do so. Fast forward to a typical weekday after school. It is 8pm and I’m rushing to finish hours of homework after coming home late from school. Suddenly, my mom calls me to eat dinner and I constantly tell her “in a minute!” (although it takes longer than that). My mom replies with “Does biology homework feed you?” What my mother said was true; I, and many other children, are dependent on our parents for food and shelter. Despite how important education is, it cannot compensate for learning to survive. I’ve never heard of a cooking elective at Stuyvesant High School or at any …show more content…
One of her other dishes that I felt highlighted Mrs. Levin’s description of Chinese cooking was her sour vegetable with beef. The first step she did was add 2 spoons of olive oil, enough so that it wouldn’t stick to the wok, but not too much as to make the food all oily. She diced onions and garlic, put them on the wok, and turned the fire to high. She then put the raw chopped beef and sour vegetables, and began mixing. The mixing took around 15 minutes and in addition, my mom added tomatoes, yellow pepper, and two spoons of sugar. Occasionally, she would put her hand on the beef and taste it, to check whether it had the right flavor. This follows from Mrs. Levin’s formula of “P-O-S-S”, which stands for pepper, oil, salt, and sugar. This balance of flavors made my mother’s Chinese dish unbelievably

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