Massacre of 1989 and Tian an

Topics: Cultural Revolution, Beijing, Tiananmen Square protests of 1989 Pages: 2 (721 words) Published: March 10, 2006
In the massacre of 1989 Tian An men Square. 50000 students took it to the streets on april 29th of Beijing and protested peacefully. On May 4, approximately 100,000 students and workers marched in Beijing making demands for free media reform and a formal dialogue between the authorities and student-elected representatives. The government rejected the proposed dialogue, only agreeing to talk to members of appointed student organizations. On May 13, large groups of students occupied Tiananmen Square and started a hunger strike, demanding the government withdraw the accusation made in the People's Daily editorial and begin talks with the student representatives. Hundreds of students went on hunger strike and were supported by hundreds of thousands of protesting students and residents of Beijing, which lasted for a week. Although the government declared martial law on May 20, the government failed to enforce it and the demonstrations continued. The hunger strike was approaching the end of the third week, and the government resolved to end the matter before deaths occurred. After deliberation among Communist party leaders, the use of military force to resolve the crisis was ordered, and Zhao Ziyang was ousted from political leadership as a result of his support for the student demonstrators. The Communist Party then decided to stop the situation before it escalated further. Soldiers and tanks from the 27th and 28th Armies of the People's Liberation Army were sent to take control of the city. Although the government ordered all civilians in Beijing to remain indoors by numerous television and loudspeaker broadcasts, these warnings were not always heeded, and many peaceful protestors and innocent bystanders were attacked by the People's Liberation Army soldiers; the ensuing violence resulted in huge numbers of civilian casualties and some army deaths. The Chinese government acknowledged that a few hundred people died. The crushing of the 1989 social movement in...
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