Mass Media and Its Influence

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Mass Media and Its Influence
May 26, 2013

Mass Media and its influence
From cave paintings to the internet, media has become our way of getting information around. The amount of people in society that are connected to media makes mass media a major influence on society. Since television or T.V. and radio began, advertisement has become a huge market. Advertisement in today’s mass media basically tells society what goods and services should be used or purchased. Consider the media’s point of view as well. According to Business Insider (2012) there are only 6 corporations that control 90 percent of the media today. This does not leave room for much perspective. After further examination of these points a pattern starts to emerge. There are very few counterarguments to the idea that mass media influences our society today. After examining these points, it is evident that mass media is today’s major influence on society. At any given time there can be millions of people watching the same thing on the same time. This creates a powerful exposure. Ideas and suggestions are put out to a massive amount of people at the same time. “An estimated 108.4 million people watched Super Bowl XLVII” (ESPN, 2013). According to ESPN, there were 111 million people watching the 2010 game and 111.3 million people watching the 2012 game. This is just analyzing sports. There are many T.V. shows that can have millions of viewers at one time. According to TV Line (2013) “20.4 million viewers tuned in for the premier of NCIS’ tenth season”. T.V. is not the only media that people are connected to. Social media such as Facebook and Twitter are very popular. At any given time, there can be millions of people logged onto Facebook or following Twitter. According to Facebook (2013), there were 655 million daily active users on an average in March of 2013. “According to Twitter's "about" page, the micro-blogging service has 175 million registered users.” (NBC News...

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