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Topics: Childbirth, Pregnancy, Obstetrics Pages: 6 (648 words) Published: June 7, 2014

Title of the Topic

1. Need for the study
Motherhood is a great responsibility and it is woman’s highest crown of honour Pregnancy is the vital event in the life of a woman. It needs special attention from the time of conception to the postnatal stage. Antenatal care services are important for ensuring the reproductive health of the mothers and for the better outcome of pregnancy.3 One of the most important functions of antenatal care is to offer the woman advice and information about birth preparedness, danger signs of obstetric complications, and emergency preparedness. Birth preparedness and complication readiness is a safe motherhood strategy whose objective is to promote the timely use of skilled maternal and neonatal care during child birth and obstetrical emergencies by reducing delays at the first, second and third levels. It entails making plans prior to birth and complications. Decisions are made and documented on such issues as desired place of birth, the preferred skilled birth attendant, items required for birth, birth companion, getting a compatible blood donor, and arranging in advance for transport. Other elements of birth preparedness include knowledge of expected date of delivery, HIV testing, mobilising resources to pay for services, arranging for someone to take care of the family during delivery, importance of postnatal care, importance of exclusive breastfeeding, and contraception.4 World Health Organisation estimates that 5,00,000-6,00,000 women die from pregnancy and childbirth related complications each year, with 99% of these deaths occurring in developing countries. Birth preparedness and complication readiness by mothers are critical in reducing it.


2. Objectives of the study
To determine the knowledge of married women that are yet to complete their family size on birth preparedness. To assess their knowledge of pregnancy complication
To identify factors responsible for their unpreparedness
To identify various ways they prepare

3. Operational definitions
1. Assessment: Assessment is the method of measuring the degree of competence of another person’s ability to perform physically and/or intellectual skills. In this study assessment is the act of judging knowledge of primigravida women on birth preparedness. 2. Birth preparedness: Birth preparedness refers to a state of readiness for the emergence of the baby.

In this study, birth preparedness means preliminary preparation during the pregnancy. It includes antenatal, intranatal, and postnatal, preparations. It includes preparations regarding diet, cloths, transport, emergency and its management, danger signs of impending labour, exercise, place of delivery, hygienic practices, and complications during the postnatal period. 3. Complication readiness: Complication readiness refers seeking services that will cater for any challenges of pregnancy and delivery if they occur.

The study assumes that:
Birth preparedness and complication promotes the health of the women Birth preparedness and complication readiness gains the knowledge women.

Material and Methods

5.1 Source of data
Married women who are yet to complete their family size in ile ife

5.2Research design
Descriptive survey design.

The study will be conducted in ile ife town

Married women who are yet to complete their family size in ile ife

5.5Method of data collection procedure
Purposive sampling technique will be used to select the sample. 5.6Sample size
In this study, sample will be 100 married women who are yet to complete their family size.

5.7Inclusion criteria
Married women yet to complete the family size who are:
Accessible during the study.
Willing to...
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