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Mass Media

By Cookalex Oct 19, 2012 348 Words

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The mass media including TV, radio and newspapers, have great influence in shaping people’s ideas. To what extent do you agree or disagree this statement? Give reasons for your answer.

A media spreads the information in a vertical way, it means that those who creates it choose the contents. These contents are imposed on us and there is no feedback, except for internet which also works horizontally. According to me, Medias are a huge power and they now that that’s why they take advantage of it, against us. The Medias pretends to be neutrals, but it does not reflect the reality. For example, TV and newspaper have more impact because they uses images for explain the world reality, or may be there world reality…what explains that our credulity is bigger, we are more sensitive and influenceable with images. Most of the time, the images, as the figures, can be interpreted; so it’s more easily to be misled. Without being paranoid, I think that they want to direct our thoughts by speaking of precise subject and insisting heavily on to shape our mind. To support my comment, I think about the retransmission of the riots in 2005 which managed to frighten a big part of the population and influence the vote for French Presidential election with the rise of the far right. In a second time, to moderate my comment, I have to admit that without the media we would have no knowledge of the current world they are essential and we depend on them. I get the feeling that it is necessary to take with precaution the information and to keep in mind that there is good and bad parts. Choose only the good, is an exercise which can show itself interesting but difficult if we confront every days three information sources to build up his own opinion. We could assimilate it to a job full-time to be able to collect coherent information. We just need to step back a little for open our mind and think by ourselves.

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