Mass Killing

Topics: Terrorism, Mass murder, September 11 attacks Pages: 3 (686 words) Published: May 19, 2012
Mass Killings

Men and seldom women act in an atrocious crime to kill in a manner that is evil, a disregard to life of the victims and sometimes themselves. Range of events or experiences that took place in the killer’s life, religious beliefs, immoral fantasy, love (Turvey, 2012, p 529), depression, political, observation, revenge (Turvey, 2012), and frustration is a combination that compels the killer to act in this manner. The killer sometimes is influenced by the media or society that they viewed on television or movies for example, Virginia Tech murders the killer sent a package to the media containing self-interviews. Mass killers utilize an array of weapons for instance, Jared Loughner used automatic weapons in Janurary 2011, Jack Gilbert Graham used dynamite on flight 629 in November 1955, Lizzie Borden and Anton Probust used an axe in April 1866, these are just a few of many weapons that are used in mass killings. Turvey (2012) identifies five types of mass killings: power, revenge, loyalty, terror, and profit. Power-oriented mass killer would be a pseudocommando which uses a para-military method with numerous firearms. Campo Elias Delgado was a power-oriented killer who took the lives of twenty-eight people before the Columbia police killed him in December 1986. Revenge-oriented mass killer targets their victims by categories or the general public (Fox and Levin 1998). The revenge-oriented killer was either wronged by their victims or just out of pure hate and jealousy. Ronald Simmons is an example of a revenge-oriented killer who hilled fourteen of his family members on Christmas because of his wife threatening him of divorce. Loyalty-oriented killings are usually the parent kills their spouse and children to save them from grief or hardship. Profit-oriented mass killings such as acts of terrorism motivated by political, religious, or monetary agenda. The mob would be a description of the profit-oriented mass killing, while profiting from a...

References: Turvey, B.E.  (2012)  Criminal Profiling:  An introduction to behavior analysis (4th ed.)  San Diego, CA.  Academic Press.
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