Marykay Swot Anaylsis

Topics: Mary Kay, Mary Kay Ash, Multi-level marketing Pages: 4 (1327 words) Published: May 14, 2010
Running Head: Mary Kay Cosmetic SWOT Analysis

Mary Kay Cosmetic SWOT Analysis
Darlene Trotter

Mary Kay History
At a time when women were suppose to be home taking care of their families Mary Kay Ash was out working in a man’s world and achieving success. After 25 years working in direct sales and being passed over for promotions by men she had trained, in those times women were not given many opportunities for advancement, Mary Kay Ash handed in her resignation. After she resigned she began writing a book about her experiences in the work force, she did not want other women to experience what she had, and soon discovered she had a marketing plan for a dream company. With her oldest son, Richard, $5,000 in savings, the skin cream she bought the manufacturing rights too, and her experience she started Beauty by Mary Kay which we now know as Mary Kay Cosmetic. With a force of nine independent sales representatives, whom she recruited and were friends of hers, who were eager to prove themselves Beauty by Mary Kay took off. Her company is based on the principle of faith first, family second, career third. Mary Kay believed in rewarding hard workers and gave away jewelry, vacations, and pink Cadillics to her top sales representatives now referred to as Independent Beauty Consultants. Within two years sales neared $1 million and as the company grew new products were added. In 1996 Mary Kay Ash founded The Mary Kay Foundation in honor of her Golden Rule emphasizing the importance of giving back. The mission of the foundation is to eliminate cancer and to end the epidemic of violence against women. In 2009 $5.8 million was donated to cancer research and violence against women. With a sales force of 1.8 million beauty consultants worldwide 500 of them National Sales Directors, the highest achievement at Mary Kay, is one of the most nationally recognized companies today. Since the inception Mary Kay has had double-digit growth. Mary Kay manufacturers and...

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