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Topics: Film, Film theory, Film criticism / Pages: 5 (1022 words) / Published: Dec 11th, 2012
Film Viewer Opinion Paper
Teya Crawford
Introduction to Film Studies HUM/150
Feb 20, 2012
Victor Armenta

Film Viewers Opinion Paper * When I want to go to the movies there are a number of factors that are taken into * consideration when deciding what to watch. Going to see a movie that is not enjoyable can * be a disaster. There are rumors floating on horror movies losing its credibility because they * are so predictable. There are also opinions surrounding the fact that a lot of comedies are * not funny. It is in your best interest to research films before going to see them. In this paper I * will touch on some factors contributing to deciding what film to what, what makes a film * enjoyable, and what makes a film less enjoyable. * Deciding what film to Watch * Deciding what film to watch can be very difficult at times because there are so many to * choose from. There are a few things that a person should consider before choosing a film. * First, you need to analyze the person or people that are going to watch the film with you. * The relationship between you and those watching is important. If you are watching a film * with some friends as opposed to watching a movie with a date, will make a huge difference. * Next, you should determine what type of mood you and those with you are willing to watch. * From personal experience I have noticed that when a group of girls are out having some fun * they tend to look for films which are drama filled. Most men will go with a comedy, and * those out on a date will choose a romantic comedy or action packed movie. Next, if you are * not sure what movies are playing, it is a good idea to go online and check out the movie * review and see what peaks your interest. Most of the time there will be something that will * stand out to you in these reviews. Finally, if you have been waiting for a specific movie or * type of movie to hit the theaters, then you might want to go see that movie. Anticipating * movies such as Tyler Perry films have been very popular the last few years. Anytime a Tyler * Perry film is released or films with similar traits I usually go see them. You are sure to find a * Good movie if you follow these steps mentioned: Analyzing your crowd, their mood, movie * reviews, and go see anticipated movies. * What makes a film enjoyable? * Movies are seen as modern expression of art. The paint a picture in our minds that causes * us to laugh, cry, jump, scream, curl-up, cover-up, and appear enlightened. If a movie was * enjoyable people will quote the scripts for days or months after watching the movie, people * will take something from the movie and apply it to a situation in which they may be * experiencing and people will watch that movie more than once. A movie that is enjoyed by * people that do not fall into a specific category are viewed as a good movie. Movies are * enjoyable when they provide good entertainment. A movie should provoke some type of * emotions. A person should be touched or inspired by watching the movie and should be led * into discussion or thoughts on the impact of the film. A good movie will not become a thing * of the past. A good movie should offer some type of educative value that people can take * from it and apply to everyday life. It will educate people regarding specific issues they may * be facing. The Apocalyptic films such as The Book of Eli offer educational tools in the * religious realm that some may think to be quite helpful in their lives. Most movies are * inspired by the lives of people or by what is taking place within the society. Therefore, good * movies will center around societal views and mirror certain aspects that will encourage * people to overcome barriers. * Other factors that contribute to making a movie enjoyable are: characters, the actors, the * scenery, the setting, the plot, the story, the visual display of arts, and the lighting. The plot is * considered the most important factor; without a good plot the movie will fail from the * beginning. The viewers will lose focus sooner than later. There can be the most beautiful * scenery or the best acting ever encountered, but if there is no plot or storyline the movie will * not be enjoyable.
What makes a film not enjoyable?
There are numerous factors that contribute to a film not being enjoyable. As stated earlier if the plot is no good the movie will not capture the attention of the viewers. Next, if it is easy to anticipate the ending of a movie it is less desirable to watch. Also bad acting can make a movie uninteresting. Camera angles, lighting, sound effects, music, and scenery are all factors that will make a movie less enjoyable if it is not applied correctly. Horror movies thrive off sound effects. The sound effects play a major role in setting the moods of the scenes and builds anxiety for what is to come. If the music is ineffective one can miss the meaning of a scene.
Choosing the type of film to watch can be emotional based, or based on the opinions of others. It is important to read the movie reviews before going to watch a movie. Often times people go see movies and it is not what they expected because they don’t do their research. Understanding the crowd you are watching the movie with is also important. The mood plays a huge role in whether or not you will enjoy the film. Deciding if a movie is enjoyable or not can be subjective. What is enjoyable to one may not be enjoyable to another. However, there are some factors that can be agreed upon if not done correctly. These factors are: bad acting, unclear plot or storyline, amongst other missing elements. If a person can relate to a movie emotionally, then the movie tends to be successful.

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