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In Americas history people are raised with a central idea on freedom. This however is not the case, man time’s people have these freedoms ripped from them. There are many examples so support this idea however; I think one of the best examples is from a novel called Unbroken. In this novel there is an Olympian named Louis Hampering. Louis was born in New York City and was an Italian and very poor. Because of this Louis grew up stealing almost none stop and everyone knew that he did so. This gave him a very poor view from others. Italians at the time where viewed very poorly. Because of this he had to fear the idea that was spreading through America, this being social Darwinism, the idea states that we need the most physically fit, smart, and logical people in our country. People who did not fit this would be sent to insane asylums and held there. The most typical option was to castrate the people against their will and keep them from producing “unfit” children. This was much against peoples will and it was taking away the freedom to have children, people had to fear about who the where, if they were gay, hyper, or even just slow witted.

After a few years Louis got his life straight and became a world star in the sport of running. This became his life and his one goal was to go to the Olympics. Louis succeeded in this but lost to the other racers because he did not get to race in the event he had trained for. After this he planned on being the fastest man ever in the next Olympics but a war had begun and he was called to serve for his country. Louis was called to be on a bomber and over the course of a few years his team and he became one of the best bomber crews in the air force. On one particular flight Louis was told he needed to try and find some missing people that crashed and he was told that the crew would have to use a worn out and hardly working bomber called the green hornet. They accepted the challenge however; after traveling thousands...
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