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Progressivism Intro/Conclusion
Progressivism was an idea of broad reform that became popular in the United States during the 20th century. Progressivism can be defined as an ideology of progress which tries to implement political and social justice and its ultimate goal is for a more democratic state within a nation. The call for progressivism was during a time of modernization, where large corporations and corrupt politicians seemed to have complete control over a supposedly free nation. Although many believe that the idea of progressivism was a manipulation of fake democracy by the same politicians and wealthy business leaders that sought to benefit their political, social and economic interests, however I believe that it was a true movement towards progress by democratic citizens who attempted to fix the nation. People like Joseph Huthmacher who supported economic progressivism and David P Thelen who summarized the social tensions during this era all supported progressivism and were able to see what progressivism truly stood for, a nation with true justice and democracy for all its citizens.

The debate of Progressivism and what it was truly used for is on ongoing disagreement between historians to date. But evidence such as Senators of the House not being appointed but elected in our nation today and the initiation of legislation all coincide with the new democratic and fair methods that United States has adapted. Although historians believe that progressivism was created by politicians and wealthy business leaders to seek their own interests, however I believe that the idea of progress was created for a greater nation. In conclusion, I believe that the progressive movement led to a more democratic America.
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