Marx and Weber Theories

Topics: Social class, Sociology, Working class Pages: 4 (1581 words) Published: March 30, 2007
The world has always been divided among races, classes, etc. What goes on today, most likely went on one hundred years ago, the only difference is time. Max Weber has proven to have strong theories which identify that the world is distributed among certain classes and the situations that go on within them. The Class Positioning of the Bijelic family will be looked at in comparison to Weber's theories. This essay will describe Weber's theories along with comparing and contrasting them to Karl Marx's and Pierre Bourdieu's ideas. The Bijelic family background will be discussed and the class that they fit into along with my own position within my family. The ideas/theories by Max Weber clearly identify the positioning of the Bijelic family within society and help us understand other classes by grouping them into certain categories. Weber believed that money caused differences within a society because of the different classes. Max Weber "recognized the importance of economic conditions in producing inequalities and conflict in society" (Dawson, 2006). What this means is that, people were different-- basically some people made more money then others. The fact that one might have more money then the other causes conflict within society, because not everyone was alike. The film Roger and Me (Michael Moore, 1989), 11 General Motors (GM) plants shut down. This meant that tens of thousands of jobs were lost. The people were frustrated and did not know where to turn. The GM Company opened up 11 plants in Mexico where they clearly paid for cheaper labor. Former employees blamed Roger Smith who was their Chair Worker; they said he was rich and that he did not do much. In the City of Flint 3400 people were laid off, and many left the city because there was no work, and therefore could not afford and provide for their families. Michael Moore tried to meet up with Roger Smith but could not get a chance to. Michael tried catching him at the yacht club where Roger...

Bibliography: Anderson, Karen I. Sociology a Critical Introduction. Scarborough: Nelson Thompson Ltd., 1996. 316-317.
Roger and Me. Dir. Michael Moore. Perf. Michael Moore. DVD. 1989.
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