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Martin Luther King Jr Essay

By perezjean97 Oct 15, 2012 1148 Words
Martin Luther King Jr.
Jean Carlos Perez
Latrish Clark
Final Essay.

Martin Luther King Jr. was a great man, with great accomplishments. If we could understand all of the things that he did in his life time we would endure so much information about the life that he led, and the way the world was back then. My goal is to do just that. I will start at the beginning of Martin Luther King Jr’s life and how it was to grow up in such a segregated world for him, we will explore his accomplishments as a minister including the speech that he made famous, after that we will explore when he died and how he died. I will explain everything there is to know about him, and the world that we never knew, but always enjoy learning about. Martin Luther King Jr, was a noble man, who had an eventful life. He was a hero to many and inspired most. It all began January 15, 1929, when he was born. His name was actually Michael Luther King Jr, his parents where inspired to change his name because of a protestant reformer ( They never legalized his name change even though he was known as Martin up until his death. His father was a preacher who was known as “big daddy’, his mother’s name was Alberta Williams King ( Martin was involved heavily in the church where his father preached. He sang in the choir and became a co pastor at the age of 13. He always had to attend segregated public schools in Georgia. He graduated High school by the time he was 15, he then went on to college where he received his B.A degree from Morehouse College. He eventually made his was to a doctoral degree. Finally he was named the pastor at the Baptist church in Alabama. He was an active leader for civil rights also an active leader for the color association ( Early December of 1955 he was the first black man to accept the leadership role, to be involved in the first non violent demonstration for the bus boycott. The boycott lasted 365 days, and then they received the reward that they wanted. The Supreme Court ruled that whites, and blacks where to ride the bus as equal individuals. While the boycott demonstration was taking place Martin was arrested, his home was bombed and he was personally persecuted by many, but he remained the leader that the blacks where in need of. After, becoming a president of the Southern Christian Leadership he pursued more civil rights activities, first in the south and later nationwide. In 1963 the protest that he led in Birmingham, Alabama brought worldwide attention, he led more than 200,000 people in this march. He was given the Nobel Prize for this heroic act, for his race. This led many people to reconsider there feeling about the black people. Some people say that even some white people joined in the march that is now known as the March on Washington. Martin Luther King Jr, was one of the most famous men that ever tried to conquer the segregated world. In an eleven year period Martin traveled over 6 million miles, and spoke over twenty five hundred times, anywhere that there was injustice, protest and action needed to be taken. He directed a peaceful march in Washington D.C of 250,000 people where addressed his “I have a dream” speech (Martin Luther King Jr). On April 3rd king arrived in Memphis for another speech that he had planned. This speech was the speech about the violence that struck when he was directing one of his marches. Martin was staying at the Lorraine Motel; he went there for rest after he arrived. The next evening King and friends where getting ready for dinner, while king stepped onto the balcony shot’s rang. Martin Luther King Jr, was shot on his right cheek. He was unresponsive, yet still alive. They rushed him to the hospital where doctors tried to save him, but he was pronounced dead at 7:05pm on April 4th he was 39 years old. After many conspiracy theories of Martins death, they ultimately came to the conclusion that James Earl Ray was responsible for Martins death. Ray did many things in the days leading to Martins death, which made him very suspicious. He rented the hotel room straight across from Kings room, he also bought a rifle and binoculars. He made others well aware of his hate towards king. After a long two month investigation Ray was caught on June 8th, he was sentenced to a 99 year term in prison. Ray died in prison in 1998. Martin is known for his leadership in civil right marches. He led many people and government officials to finally stop segregation. He was a Baptist pastor; he was a moral leader and had a fascinating way to talk to others. He was an honorable man; he never stopped dreaming of what can be. He was most often over tired and over worked. Even though he did not have complete control over Civil Rights, he sure tried very hard for people to see everyone’s views. King was not just against white people hating black people, but he was also against the Black Panther rights, that some black people came up with against the whit people. He wanted everyone to live in harmony, and that is what he set out to do. In many aspects that is exactly what he did. Martin’s family went through many death threats after kings death, they were emotional unstable. They went through many trials about his assassination. Today we have a national holiday of Martin Luther King Jr, this day recognizes kings life and his accomplishments. This day is most known for promoting equal right among Americans. Most teachers save this day for the students to learn about King and his struggle against racism and the outcome of his sacrifices.

Martin Luther King Jr, had an amazing life with just as equal accomplishments. He was a man of god, integrity, and equal to all. He had a childhood that was church driven. His life as a minister and a leader of many marches has truly gone down in history. He will never be forgotten, people celebrate him not only on Martin Luther King Day but everyday. We do this by treating people equally and respectfully. If Martin Luther King Jr was alive today I think he would not be satisfied by the way people treat each other and the discrimination that we live with. We all should re think our actions and live the way that he did, I think this world would be a better place.

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