martin luther king

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Facts: Staff members who were former high school students filed a petition to the court against the school district and court stating that their first amendment rights were violated due to a deletion of a certain issue in the schools newspaper such as the impact of divorce and pregnancy. The principle believed that issues of sexual activity was inappropriate for younger students and that the parents should been given the opportunity to speak about the divorce. Holding: Were the student’s first amendments rights violated? Reasoning: The newspaper wasn’t really looked at a place for freedom of speech and the first amendments is handled differently when it comes down to students and adults because the setting is usually different.

Nora seems to be completely happy at the beginning of the story. She finds out that Torvald feels that she is a “silly girl”. She feels like she understands the business related to the debt that she took out to help Torvald’s care. The way she was working on the low shows that she has determination and ambition to complete a mission. The fact that she went behind her husband back and borrowed the money to help him shows her courage. She feels like she can’t be herself because of the duties. Nora comes to realize addition to her literal dancing and singing tricks, she feel like she has been putting on a show throughout her marriage. Nora truth about her life grows, and she start to rebel against Torvald. She feels underappreciated. She walks out on her husband and children to find independence.

There have been many individuals whose accomplishments have changed society over time. One in particular was an inspiration speaker and a motivational leader. Martin Luther King, Jr. had encouraged his followers with his speech in many ways. Martin Luther King’s speeches were very powerful and influential. He strongly believed that everyone should have equal rights. He encouraged people to change laws that would benefit the black community....
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