Marriot Case Study Analysis

Topics: Marriott International, Marriott Corporation, J. Willard Marriott Pages: 4 (1319 words) Published: November 11, 2012
Case Study 2|
Marriott International|
Andrea Blubaugh|

In 1927 J. Willard Marriot and his wife, Alice opened a root beer stand in Washington D.C., the Hot Shoppe. They served tamales, chili, and tacos during the winter months. In 1929 Hot Shoppes was incorporated in Delaware as Hot Shoppes Inc. Hot Shoppes went public in 1953. Marriot’s first hotel, the Twin Bridges Marriot was also opened in Arlington, Virginia. In 1966 Marriot acquired an airline catering kitchen in Caracas, Venezuela making it Marriot’s first international expansion. In 1967 Marriot changed its name to Marriot Corporation. By adding cruise lines in 1971, Farrell’s ice cream parlors in 1972 and two theme parks near Chicago and San Francisco in 1976, Marriot Corporation became a billion dollar company. Marriot International was separated from the company in March of 1998 and sold off its senior living facilities in 2002 in order to focus business on leisure lodging. In 2005, the Ramada International hotels were sold by Marriott to Cendant Hotel Group and continue to venture into upscale lodging and business through alliances and joint ventures and alliances. J.W Marriot, the son of J. Willard took over CEO in 1972. PROBLEM STATEMENT

Does Marriott need to restructure their strategy to cover the needs of low income markets? Also, should they focus more on their international business rather than rely on their strength of the market in the U.S.?

1. Environmental and family oriented
2. Decreased cost of land in the United States; Costs have declined due to recession. 3. Eco-Tourism: Providing ecologically sustainable hotels to attract certain customers. 4. Move into Asian market, there has been an increase in the Asian tourism and travel market. 5. Franchising: there is opportunity for the Marriott to increase its franchises in the different countries around the globe. THREATS

1. Vulnerability to...
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