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This project has been compiled at the request of the University of Southern Denmark, for submission on 13/01/2014. The focus in this project is mainly differentiation, The Restaurant Flammen and their future situation, a market analyze and which marketing strategies they are about to follow in the future. The key elements will in this assignment be problem definition, conceptual clarity and definition, choice of theory and scientific approach and choice of study design. The aim of the project is to prepare the methodology part for later on in the bachelor project.

Sworn statement
”We, Diana Beuschau and Marie Louise Storgaard, hereby solemnly declare that we have personally and independently prepared this paper. All quotations in the text have been marked as such, and the paper or considerable parts of it have not previously been subject to any examination or assessment.”

Diana Beuschau Marie Louise Storgaard
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The restaurant business in Denmark is a very harsh business, and it is often seen that new restaurants have difficult following up to the bigger restaurants1. That is why several new restaurants are forced to close up again. That means it can be very difficult for new public interest to start up a business, because of such high competition at the market of restaurants. The competition from Fast-Food chains in Denmark is also threating the new restaurants there are starting in the business. The restaurant chain The Flammen which opened its first store in Kolding in 2009, the situation was quite different. The Flammen started with a single store in Kolding, and after 5 years, they now have 7 restaurants in Denmark, spread over Jylland and Fyn. The Flammen is a family owned restaurant chain, and it is taking source from Fole Høkerkro. Fole Høkerkro is a small Sønderjysk family owned inn. Leaf Blower, Høkerkro's owners started out with small tasting and accompanying side dishes. The interest in wine proved to be greater than that, and therefore had the Fole Høkerkro expand, and during this expansion was inn a real diner. The family was initially set they would run a different restaurant. Their idea for a different restaurant featured a large barbecue buffet where the guests could be fed and have accommodated their wishes in best way. For the Fole Høkerkro is the experience for our customers and the service the most important for the restaurant. "It should be a place customers want to come back when they've got a go experience, both with the food and from staff. Somewhere customers talk positively about other potential customers.2" The Restaurant Flammen was started and had a close relationship with Fole Høkerkro. The values from Fole Høkerkro will go on to The restaurant Flammen. The Values is the best ingredients, the professional staff and visions of all their guests are happy still carries on. But The Restaurant Flammen and Fole Høkerkro have per. 1/1-2014 choice to stop their close cooperation. Therefore is the Restaurant Flammen starting a cooperation with the Catering Firm, “AB-Catering”, which is going to deliver the ingredients for The Restaurant Flammen in the future. This suggests that the Danes are the latest years become more diligent to visit the restaurant business in Denmark. Statistic shows that the turnover in the Danish restaurant business from the year of 2010 and to the year of 2011 was raised by 5.6 %3. A study by the same company shows that the turnover of the restaurant business has gone up by 13.6 % since 2007. From 2010 until 2012, the revenue alone was increased by 8.2 %4. This is suggesting that the Danes is started to visit the restaurants more often, and thereby spend more money on food from restaurants. The reasons for the Danes in the recent years have begun to use the restaurants...
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