Marketing Strategy of Comair in South Africa

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Marketing Strategy of Comair in South Africa

Comair is South Africa’s longest non-national carrier (Comair Airways Limited, 2012). Comair Limited is an airline that operates two brands: British Airways and British Airways is aimed at business travellers and the high class society while is aimed at leisure and middle class passengers. British Airways has two offerings, Club (business class) and Traveller (economy class). Club facilitates for the more elite customer and Traveller is for the less elite providing fewer facilities compared to Club. Kulula, being aimed at the middle class society, offers a simple package that is at a low cost and that is affordable (Comair Airways Limited, 2012). Comair’s mission statement states that “Comair aims to be Southern Africa’s leading business airline” ( Lubbe, 2000: 20). Its core values are to be professional and maintain ethical values, to deliver safe and quality services, to be reliable and to be honest in its business. It aims to provide affordable prices and aims to meet the expectations of its customers. Comair, as it seeks to satisfy its customers and is focused on providing a good service for its consumers, is a market orientated company. This assignment will look at why business people would choose to fly on British Airways and will analyse the opportunities and threats faced by Kulula. It will discuss the environmental implications which affect British Airways’ marketing department in South Africa and seek to conclude that Comair has a promising future. When a businessman decides to travel, he has many expectations and needs that he requires while flying to his destination. Primarily, a businessman would want a comfortable, convenient, safe, reliable and enjoyable journey. He would want to use a well-known and reputable airline that has a history for satisfying its customers. A businessman would want to get the greatest value for the money he has used. In terms of convenience, a businessman would want no hustles but would rather want simple, easy procedures. Businessmen are likely to be preparing for a meeting or any other business relating activity and so will be looking for a stress-free journey. They might need to look over their work or finish off their work before entering into the meeting and will therefore need a working environment during their flight. They would want to operate their laptops during the flight. A businessman would also want a comfortable flight in which he arrives in a good physical state ready for his meeting. He would want his flight to be reliable and have no delays to avoid him from being late. Above all this, a businessman wants a great travel experience and an enjoyable journey with exceptional services. He would therefore choose an airline that satisfies all his needs. British Airway has identified these needs of businessmen and has responded accordingly. A typical businessman would choose British Airways as his airline because it has managed to deliver on the needs of business travellers. British Airways has made travelling for business people much easier and simpler. It has an online check-in facility and a facility that allows its customers to print out their boarding pass. This aspect, together with the fast-bag drop-in facility, makes the departure formalities less tedious and makes them easier. This has made it very convenient for businessmen. British Airways understands that a businessman may need to work while on the flight and it made room for this. A businessman can now access the internet, send emails and use his laptop during the flight. There is a great working environment in the aeroplane. For long flights, British Airways passengers have access to beds on which they can sleep during the flight. This makes the flight much more comfortable and enjoyable. Due to the bedding businessmen are able to get a good night’s sleep, beat the jetlag and arrive ready for their meetings. While other are able to work,...

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