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The purpose of this report is to identify, analyse and evaluate the marketing factors that Whittaker’s has adopted in attempts to position themselves as a top-quality chocolate confectionery brand. In addition, this report would also be an aid to the major assignment in terms of developing detailed plans with marketing factors, data and facts. 1.2Scope

This report will cover the background understanding about the confectionery industry and do an in-depth analysis of the micro and macro environment. In addition, the market segmentation, market positioning and target market that Whittaker’s is concerned with is also discussed. 1.3Background

The background of this report is to ensure that Whittaker’s do proper strategic planning to keep up with the ever-changing environment and trends in the market, to have a competitive advantage over their competitors and meet the varying needs of the consumers, in this case shifting the position of their chocolate products to becoming more luxurious and catering more to the health-conscious. Doing an environmental scan is very essential to find out the present situation of the market as it would enable Whittaker’s to determine what new markets it should enter or new products to innovate or focus on.

2. Industry Overview
The industry that Whittaker’s operates in would be Chocolate and Confectionery Manufacturing. The chocolate industry, consisting of 152 businesses, holds the biggest share in the confectionery market and it has been gradually increasing and remained resilient over the years, with expectations to grow by 2.3% in 2008-2013 to a total of $3.23 billion in revenue. A rising health trend is now occurring and a change of consumer’s needs and wants is shifting toward the healthy lifestyle (IBIS world, 2012). *Graphs depicting chocolate market share and health consciousness is attached in appendix A and B 3.Company Overview

James Henry Whittaker started the business of Whittaker’s in Christchurch in 1896. Whittaker’s is the second-biggest chocolate brand in New Zealand. It ensures top-quality products by controlling its entire manufacturing process and labels themselves as a “bean-to-bar” manufacturer (Whittaker’s, 2011). 3.1 Product

Whittaker’s offers a wide variety of products, ranging from blocks, ice cream, pips, chunks, mini slabs, slabs, santé, squares, toffee milk and k-bars. The focus product would be the elegantly packaged Sante bar, which means health in a happy way. It comes in five different flavours, 3 of which are dark chocolate. The reason for selecting these santé bars is that dark chocolate is a healthier alternative, which fits in today’s health consciousness trends, and they come in small amounts, promoting portion control. (Whittaker’s, 2011) 3.2 Competitions

The direct competitors, which sell chocolate confectionery products akin to Whittaker’s would be the Cadbury mini fingers and Royce nutty bar chocolate. Indirect competitors consist of companies that sell products such as sweets confectionery, cereal bars and chewing gum such as Starbursts and Uncle Toby’s. Substitute products are fruits and Carob. (Christopher Adams, 2010; Whittakers, 2013) 4.Micro and Macro-environment forces

4.1Micro-Environmental forces

4.1.1 Suppliers
Prospects may have to be curbed for the 2012-2013 crop harvest for the growing regions in Ghana’s Cocoa due to the lack of rain, leading to a drought, causing a shortage. Thus, Whittaker’s might also have to find new alternative suppliers to meet the market demand for cocoa beans. Due to the fluctuation of prices in the past, suppliers face many uncertainties in relation to their income. The fairtrade agreement enables farmers to receive a fair price for their cocoa as it reduces the number of suppliers leaving the trade. With Whittaker’s as a part of the fair trade agreement, it would strengthen the relationship with suppliers. (Ekow Dontoh, 2012; Lindsay Shelton, 2013;...
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