Marketing Planning for Toyota Camry

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1.0 Introduction:
Toyota is Japan car manufacturer and it has become top seller in the world. Toyota brand is very popular in public’s eyes and even their customers may put their money down for one of Toyota’s car although sometime they have not confirmed yet with the price. Toyota’s cars are reliable and believed have higher quality (Please refer to appendix 1).

One of Toyota popular product is Camry. Camry is Toyota second global model after Corolla. In 1980, Toyota launched Toyota Celica Camry and they targeted the Japanese home market. Toward the end of its model lifecycle, Toyota also introduced Toyota Camry sports version (Please refer to appendix 2).

During 1982, Toyota started to introduce Camry with independent model line. They introduced the first generation Camry for the 1983 model year. It was sold as midsize four-door sedan, but at different times they also introduced the five-door hatchback Camry. This Camry was designed followed the Japanese characteristic.

In that period of time, since Toyota launched the first generation model, the design of the Camry had been rejected by Toyota USA two top executives and they asked the chief engineer to make some significant changes (Please refer to appendix 1).

The second generation of Camry was started since 1987 to 1991. The model was still as midsize car and this model was popular in United States. The third generation model was introduced during 1992 to 1996. It was the first broke into large car market. It was a larger vehicle and performed like more luxurious family sedan.

The fourth generation Camry firstly launched in Japan in December 1996. It was a sedan with station wagon which is called Camry Gracia in Japan. It was launched in US for 1997 year, but it was not sold there. In September 2001, Camry regarded as the larger sedan without station wagon for the first ever time. This model was launched for the exports markets such as US as the 2002 year model.

The sixth generation Camry introduced in 2006 for 2007 year model at North American International Auto Show. The model was a hybrid gas or electric Camry which is called Camry hybrid.
For the Malaysia markets, the previous Toyota Camry model no longer assembled in Malaysia, but it also does not imported from Australia or Japan. Thailand is the country exports as completely built-up unit to Malaysia, it is believed by Toyota to become a big factory to serve the ASEAN markets (Please refer to appendix 1). It is launched in Malaysia in 2007. 2.0 Situational Analysis (Macro Environmental Forces)

2.1 Political and legal environment:
In a country, government plays an important part in setting rules and influencing the market. Malaysia has its own automotive manufacturers, which are Proton, Perodua, and Naza. The government has to make sure the national automotive manufacturers are competitive enough to compete with the other automotive manufacturers. The government has developed a policy to promote an integrated automobile industry. (Please refer to appendix 3 & 4)

The government has come out with a high tax impose to import vehicles. (Please refer to appendix 4) This policy ensures the national automotive manufacturers to own large market share with the price advantage. It brings a negative side effect to consumer which has to pay more for the higher quality and better variety products due to the high tariff. (Please refer to appendix 3) But when the protection of the government is too much, it caused the national automotive manufacturers lost their intention to moving forward. The largest national automotive manufacturer, Proton is facing the recession in sales and turnover of the organization since 2002. Their turnover has been decreased from 30 million to 5 million in 2007. It caused consumers in Malaysia lost confidence to their national automotive. It has received many complaints of problems in assembly. Now it is the right time for the consumers to change their vehicle from the...
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