Marketing Plan for Sabra Group

Topics: United Arab Emirates, Marketing, Customer relationship management Pages: 8 (1479 words) Published: February 26, 2013
International Marketing Plan

Presented to:Dr. Nehal Elnaggar
Presented By:Mohamed Sabra
Ahmed Farouk

* Introduction
* Market vision
* Mission
* Goals
* Classifying our customers according to Their Job, business sectors, country * The marketing strategy stages
* SWOT Matrix
* Competitive & Cooperative Tactics
* Competitive Advantage
* Pricing Strategy
* Marketing Strategy
* Customer Service for gaining loyalty
* CRM system
* SWOT for Dubai branch & pricing scheme


The International Group for training (Sabra Group) Established in Egypt in July 2008 as the "International Center for Training", then changed the name to " The International Group for training (Sabra Group) “ in January 20, 2009. Accredited as a Legal training center specialized at the national level of the Central Agency for Organization and Administration affiliated to the Prime of Ministers of Egypt in January 2010.

Marketing Vision
* To be the Best specialized academy in the legal and administrative Sciences in the Arab world within 2015

Publishing the modern legal knowledge to Arab world by the most international modern legal theories using Hi-Tec and Professional trainers


* Developing the legal skills for Participants
* Promote the legal experiences with the latest developments in the Arab World

* Annual Income of $250,000
* 2 mil $ annual Revenue
* Organizing 10 International conferences yearly
* Organizing 100 specialized courses and workshops in all gulf countries * Top 3 in Arabian market
* Open new branch in Uae and Turkey

* Achieve over 2000 customer in 2013
* Achieve 50 In-house training course in 2013
* Hire total of 12 new full-time staff over next two years * Maintain greater than 95% customer satisfaction
* Develop Online CRM software for managing your sales, marketing, customer support, and inventory in a single system.

Classifying our customers according to Their Job
* Judges, Parliamentarians, Lawyers , legal consultants, governmental legal sector employee, arbitrators, administrators, engineers and contracts specialists and legal translators

Classifying our customers according to Business sectors
* Ministers
* Organizations & Government agencies
* Companies (Oil, Insurance, etc…)
* Banks
* Colleges and universities
* Law Firms
* Syndicates & Associations

Classifying our customers according to their country
* Egypt
* Gulf region
* Other Arab countries

SWOT Matrix
| Strengths – S

List Strengths| Weaknesses – W
List Weaknesses|
Opportunities – O List Opportunities| SO Strategies

Use strengths to take advantage of opportunities| WO Strategies

Overcoming weaknesses by taking advantage of opportunities| Threats – T List Threats| ST Strategies

Use strengths to avoid threats| WT Strategies

Minimize weaknesses and avoid threats|

| Strengths – S1- Market share 85%2- Financial resources.3- Good trained staff.4- Particular type of courses.5- Anywhere training capability.6- Add social & tourism activity to the courses.| Weaknesses – W 1- Change dates and # of courses.2- Need more employees.3- Need to increase attention with customer service.4- Particular type of courses. | Opportunities – O 1- Increasing in demand specially in Gulf area.2- A lot of trainees asking for soft skills training.3- More trainees asking for courses.| SO Strategies1- Opening a new branch in Dubai. (S2,O1)2- Making courses in Turkey and Lebanon.(S5,S6,O1)3- Starting new courses in soft skills.(S1,S3,O2) | WO Strategies1- Hire new employees (W2,O1)2- implement a CRM software (W3, O2,O3).3- Starting new courses in soft skills.(W4,O2). | Threats – T

1- Change dates and # of...
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