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BEAM 026 Corporate Governance, Reporting and Regulation

The coursework assignment for the module is as follows:

Briefly set out
a) the main theoretical perspectives underlying the remuneration of executive directors in major national or multinational firms b) the institutional requirements and guidance as to the setting of executive director remuneration for quoted companies in the UK c) generic issues and controversies arising in respect to executive director remuneration in recent years

and then against this contextual background proceed to give examples of the nature of executive director remuneration in at least one major international or multinational company (other than BP) identifying changes in the nature of remuneration over time and any specific issues relating to that remuneration and its manner of determination which you consider to be insightful and relevant.

Relevant material will available from a whole variety of sources including lecture and class notes and handouts, books, journal articles and wider ranging internet sources. Credit will be given for the range and depth of material adduced, the originality thereof and the manner in which the information contained therein is analysed and summarised. If you choose to examine a company not based in the UK then consideration should be given to contextualisation against the particular regulatory and governance regime in force.

Great care should be taken to ensure that you reference your sources appropriately.

You should aim at a word length of 1500-2000 words and your essay should not exceed 2000 words. Your essay should be appropriately balanced with a significant element relating to the case study material. The essay should contain a statement of word count.

Hand-in date

The coursework should be submitted by 12 noon Thursday 3 May
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